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The Business Acording to Silverspoon
by Terry Joe Silverspoon on 2001-09-12

Oh Shit.........Silverspoons got something to say, time to go to sleep. Well this my second artical for Moondog Manson I will feature this topic. Local Indy Promotions and why do we need the inter promotional squabbling.

Let me start by saying it's good for business and good for the business. After all it is competition. Anyone with any common sense knows competition is good for progress. I'm not talking about sandbox bullshit interpromotional bickering. Or even dirty digs in backdoor booking, or undermining an organizations promotional campaign. Not even dirty little digs on the internet. It's about the food chain, it's about the contest of one promotion attempting to be a cut above the other. The stuggle to survive.

There is a few that want to see all the promotions work together. What fantasy land do they live in? This isn't the Barny song. It's business. ICW, Allstar and ECCW all different, all in competition for the few spars dollars that come into Indy pro wrestling. Our differences and our intolerance keep everyone working very hard to top each other. Just look at the talent being trained for the future, just in this area. Wrestlers who are trained by different promotions with different styles. Building a rich westcoast wrestling style that will be enjoyed by the local wrestling fans for many years. The truth is that Allstar, ICW and ECCW will not last for ever but the legacy that is being created in this area will live for a long time. Wrestling has gone through a tough times on the westcoast for many years. It is still lean times for Indies, not just here but everywhere. The popularity of the WWF has created many new hopefuls, men and women who wish to train to be pro wrestlers. I took notice of this about five years back when first promoting ECCW. So many young people approched me about training all with the dream. I never seen so many "want to be wrestlers" It was time for a full time wrestling school. So with Michelle Starr I started the House of Pain. Soon after came ICW then Allstar, all training people who hope to become the next wrestling sensation.

There has been times that all of us involved in local Indy wrestling have had words. Lot's of times. Not myself directly. After all, why get to excited, let the ego mongers clash in the battle of titans. More times then enough the playing fields been dirty between the promotions. Hot heads and stupid thinking sometimes has to be a dominant force for awhile until people wake up and get on the road of hard work and smart promoting. Yes battle lines will alway exist between promotions, or at least I hope so. After all it's the fuel that keeps the business of professional wrestling moving FORWARD.

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