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My own "Tough Enough"
by Brandon Smith on 2001-09-12

On Saturday, of last week, I had the chance to witness Tony face American Dragon in Vancouver, Washington. Dragon is from Aberdeen, WA, was trained by Shawn Michaels, Steve Regal, Al Snow, and several other prominent names, wrestled in the finals of the ECWA Super 8 Tournament, and received a WWF developmental contract. During the course of the match, he nailed Tony with a kick to the back of the head that k.o.'ed him. Tony was able to get up and inish the match.

Imagine my surprise when I saw Dragon at practice the following Tuesday. I didn't get a chance to tie up with him, but he showed some phenomenal mat work to us all. He really knows his shit, and it is humbling to think he is 20, just like me. Yesterday, I had the chance to wrestle in a mock tag match with him and it was an honor. He gave me a lesson in chopping as he put me in the corner and slammed his hand onto my chest. You can retrieve his fingerprint samples from my right breast today. After that, it was my turn, I knew it was my duty to light him up, but in comparison my shit was probably very weak. I dig his stiff style a lot. I took a beatening from him and pulled off a spot or two. I really appreciate that he was willing to make my green ass look good, even if there was an audience of 3.

Other than that, I am learning a bajillion ways to work an arm. It makes me appreciate that I have a teacher like Tony Kozina to show me in-ring psychology. I may not have a lot of moves in my arsenal, but the ones I have can be used for maximum effect.

Speaking of "Tough Enough", I finally got a chance to see this. It was an all time MTV mark-out moment to see Al Snow stretch that dude and cut a promo on him at the same time for messing up a headlock takeover! Poor guy. I could do with out the Real World-esque crap, but I guess wrestling school just wouldn't be wrestling school without a few soap opera moments.

Until next time,


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