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POGO defends Supreme: Beckett Remembers Gordy
by Marty Goldstein on 2001-07-22

This website stood virtually alone in providing calm, factual analysis of the recent accidental burning of XPW Hardcore legend Supreme. Many commentators were critical of not only of the accident but of Supreme, characterized as talented not at wrestling, but only at taking risky punishment from light bulbs and going through burning tables.

POGO the Clown takes issue with Supreme-haters.
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"A lot of people are capping on Supreme. Some of those people are other wrestlers who don't even know him. Tell them to shut their mouths."

"POGO spent a 3 week tour in FMW Japan with Supreme and he is one of the toughest SOB's in the business. These people who say he isn't a good worker, they couldn't lace his boots. They haven't been in there with him."

Click To Enlarge"For any wrestler to cap on Supreme when he was layed up in the hospital, that person isn't one of the boys. Anyone who wants to cap on Supreme, I will meet that person face to face and we will see who can work, who can shoot and who's hardcore".

Takers please apply to this website for your beating, er, bout.


XPW's Steve Rizzono asked me about the reaction of his old ECCW Tag Team co-champion, Chance Beckett, to the untimely passing of Terry Gordy.`I had just written a story about breaking the news of the death of Bruiser Brody to a wrestler 13 years ago. To my surprise, I was once again the bearer of bad news. Beckett had not heard Gordy was dead.

"Oh No, that's terrible, I can't believe it. He was my favorite Freebird. The word at the gym was the Bigelow had died in a car wreck, I guess people mixed up their Bam-Bam's."( The death of Bigelow has been greatly exagerated - ed.)

"I just saw Gordy on Highlander this morning on TV!"

The episode in question dates to 1985. Lead actor Christopher Lambert is watching a six-man tag at "Madison Square Garden". The footage was from Verne Gagne's ill-fated Pro Wrestling USA promotion in the East.

"The Freebirds meet Greg Gagne, the Tonga Kid and another guy. The last shot is of Gordy taking a clothesline from ganglepuss Gagne and taking a big bump.I kept thinking how humiliating for Bam Bam. Now he's gone...".

The reigning Canadian Jr. Heavyweight champ brightened up when he learned of recent ECCW results. "Average Joe loses to Disco Fury? Oh,is Joe going to get ribbed ...", promised Mr. Showtime.

CLARIFICATION: I had no knowledge of any Main Event promotion tour to Vancouver or Canada from my conversations with Sandman or anyone else. I am not involved with that promotion in any way at this time.

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