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News and Notes about Canadian Wrestlers
by Marty Goldstein on 2001-08-08

* It was little noticed that our fellow Canadian Andy Anderson received a dark match tryout with the WWF at RAW (tag match vs. Kaientai) two weeks ago. Anderson may be remembered as the security guard whom Stone Cold Steve Austin tossed into a rolldown gate at a RAW from Memphis a couple of years ago.

Anderson is a Winnipeg native who I met once upon a time when his trainer, Vance Nevada, brought him around to my office. A polite and eager sort, who unlike a lot of kids, got his act on the road and did well in Memphis before landing for an extended stint in Puerto Rico.

* This one is a bit of an obscure stretch, but another former Winnipegger emerged in results from Penrith, Australia. Jason Helton, a shooter who has worked with Stampede and ECW in the past, was on an APW card down under. Helton's dad, John, is an Arizona State grad who was Canadian Football's premiere defensive lineman (69-79) with Calgary.

John Helton worked some with Stampede Wrestling before signing with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, where he lasted for a few more years. Jason gave an interview a few years ago when he left Canada for Australia in which he was very critical of the Canadian wrestling scene.

* WARNING Obscure Gimmick Infringement: Results from an outfit called Sacramento Pro Wrestling claimed that a fellow named "Joe Average" defeated Shane Damage. Average Joe fans from ECCW unite in protest!

* For those who may have missed the announcement on 2 Mondays ago, Dirty Dan Denton is starting up a wrestling promotion in Southern California, name to be determined. These will be tied into his dealings with local businesses as an entertainment vehicle to drive traffic for retailers.

The start date appears to be sooner than soon. Discussions have already taken place with lucha workers and their ring crew. Denton has never actually put up a ring, having skipped that part of training to go directly to work for the AWA. We should all be so lucky.

* Look for upcoming interviews with XPW's Vic Grimes, ECCW's Mr. Showtime Chance Beckett, and Incredibly Strange Wrestling's JR Benson.

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