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Belly to Bellyaches
by B. Brian Burke on 2001-07-17

Greg Oliver and his Slam!Wrestling site should be ashamed that they have yet to pick up on the XPW burning table fiasco coverage from fellow Canadian site Has anyone else noticed that the headline story on the slam/sports link hasn't been updated in a month-"Austin revitalizes WWF TV". But the Buffy story, that they could post. Hmmm. What kind of priorities are those?

At, they put the info up as soon as they could, after it was drawn to their attention. (Good for them.) They also added to news on Supreme's condition and other aspects of the case, proving Moondog led the wrestling world, yes, led Meltzer and Keller and Ryder- in covering a life-and-death story of importance to ALL wrestlers and Disco too. Get off the message boards and read our stories, PNW indy wrestlers especially, or you'll end up hurt like Supreme, and a promoter will be running the footage of you for the world to see while you're knocked out on Morphine. had record traffic in the wake of Meltzers internet show folding, and with the ECW/WWF angle, people were online a lot. Their pop-up ad venture is a frustrating mess. Then there was the contraversy about the "Premium Content" to be made available for a price to avoid the ads, regular subscribers didn't want to miss out unfairly on actual news, so finally it boiled down to Chats with like Jeremy Borash or something. Recycling a no-talent-WCW-kisser. Makes me want to buy. Not.

The smartest move they could have made would have been to join up with, yes, that's right, Missy Hyatt's "porn" site.

I've seen it derisively called that on other websites. Listen, prudes, here in Manson's kingdom, we tell the truth. Missy and Sunny Sytch are doing a nudie site. Not a porno site. They got 4000 subscribers in a week. If they were doing a porn site, they would have gotten 40,000.

Would it affect Ryder et als editorial content? If anything,it would improve, ie-, and not, would have interviewed Missy describing Val Venis' shortcomings, so with all the stories those 2 old drunk party girls could tell...

Only those who are wrestling fans pretty much are interested in the site right now, it's a largely male audience, internet savvy, so with record traffic that is just what both services want. Of course, as I said, to make real money the girls would have to show who they blow.

Speaking of critiquing cyberspace, someone please remind ECCW to update their results, also did anyone notice they left the June front page up for...a week into July. Must have learned from Greg Oliver.

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