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My own "Tough Enough"
by Brandon Smith on 2001-08-05

I'm seriously pondering changing my column's title after hearing those MTV scum get sent to the Bahamas during training. Where's my vacation to the Bahamas, dammit?! I haven't even seen the show, I just like being able to ride the coattails of mainstream flash-in-the-pans.

Being gone for half a year makes training twice a week feel all that much better. Before, I was lucky to get in there twice a month. Alas, Tony has to taken off to Alberta and Saskatchewan (God, I hope I spelled that right for all you Kanadiens out there) for the next couple of weeks, so I have been granted a break. It kind of stinks not being in the ring, but with my job usually immediately following my training sessions, it is a welcome break.

Two Saturdays ago, I had the chance to work ring crew for my very first time in Vancouver, WA , which was actually quite fun. The guys and gals in ECCW are very cool people for the most part. From holding posts in place, to fetching waters for valets, to stealing Sharpies for ring announcers, I would be satisified if I get no further than being a lackey in this business.

I came to the brutal realization after stepping on the scales that I am currently to damn skinny for this business. I was at a comfortable 172 last year, but being poor and not being able to eat right and work out has brought me down to a whopping 158! I have been hitting the weights and protein a lot more these last few weeks because of it.

School-wise, I have been basically revisiting a few things I got rusty on and using the ancient work-out equipment there. We had the chance to train with Brian Bedlam on Sunday, who was one cool dude. On Thursday, Tony put my cardio to the test by tying a string to the middle of the bottom rope and tied it off at the other side. He commanded us to run in place till he yelled to either leap over and drop and duck beneath the string. This was a good workout till I swallowed a chunk of dirt off the unkept canvas while sprawling down. I was coughing and trying to hack it up out of the bottom of my throat for the next two hours.

And with that lovely image, I shall leave you all till next time!

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