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Titus Talks
by Dan Titus on 2001-07-25

I must say it is better than sex to open ones email and find out that 5 people have sent you the "I sent you this attachment so you can give me your advice" email. See, with Yahoo email, you only have 6MB of space to begin with, and getting five of these emails takes up about 2.0 MB. So its not the potentially destructive virus that annoys me, its just a pain the ass. Sheesh, if you don't like my column, send me the standard wrestling fan email calling me a "fag" or something.

I honestly thought this week I was not going to do the "Cut and paste the idiotic drivel much to the delight of my 6.3 million readers" column. But alas, not to be.

Ok, so we all know the story of Steve Corino getting into a physical altercation with a fan at this weekends ECCW show. But in the interest of fairness,lets give the young man a chance to give his side of the story:

First off I'd like to say FUCK YOU, your employees, your biggot racist wrestlers and Steve "the bitch" Corino.

*Of course, starting off with the "FUCK OFF"line just adds credibility to his story.

Well Im gunna make my story known. Me and some homies went to your B'ham show and we were expectin a fun time messin wit wrestlers and seein our juggalo homie "Al Gore" well we did without altercation except when Michelle Star spit on me and my friends so we spit back which got one homie kicked out.

* Does anyone outside of this guys peer group anymore even use the word "Homie" in a non mocking tone anymore?

And during the show my 9 year old brother went up and talked to Juggernaut and as he was leaving the table Juggernaut said "whats wrong with that lil black kid in the ICP shirt?"

*Well, if the kids black, whats the problem?

which was heard by an eye witness and as we were leaving after Corino's match my homie said something dumb to Steve Corino and Steve said sumppin to the likes of "what bitch ass?" and my homie said lick my balls.

*And Corino gets upset over a little thing like that? I mean, everyone is open to some personal abuse right?

Well aren't wrestlers supposed to take verbal abuse?

*No,wrestlers are supposed to show up in a timely fashion, work, and get paid. Yes, everyone who performs publically, whether it be wrestlers, comics,or singers, get used to heckling. "Lick my balls" is out and out disrespect, not good natured ribbing.

well steve gets up confronts my homie and slaps his face like the bitch steve is.

*No, it sounds like the other guy was slapped like a bitch.

(which is assult on a minor) and i go up like "why'd you hit my friend?" and he flips out and attacks my ass so we fight and when it was done they broke it up and michelle star grbbed me by the face eeven after i was like "im leaving peacefully" and pushed and slapped me than fat ass juggernaut starts screamin how hes gunna beat my ass and sayin racist biggot shit to my 9 year old bro just cause hes black and stickin up for me. So im just letting you know that im taking legal action on your company and yes we have video and pics to back our story. I will see you bitch asses in court. -KAsper

*Regarding Starr: As the event promoter, the safety of fans and workers is considered his responsibility. He's made a considerable monetary investment in having Corino there, so he was protecting that. And by dragging your behind out of there, he may have saved you from further harm, think about it. Now, the majority of wrestling fans come out, have a good time, don't cause trouble, and go home. But there's always a few who have to become part of the show, and when they do, they have to be be made an example of. Do those fans behave at other sporting events like this? How about in a restaurant? Or theatre? So what the hell makes it more acceptable to behave like that at a wrestling event? I recall at the last ECCW show I attended, Starr was hit by an elbow from a goofy fan, resulting in Starr belting him one. If it went to court, I'm sure Starr could get off in self defence. Last May, Kane cold-cocked a guy at GM Place for trying to enter the ring. Again,justified. Its funny, you never see anyone getting in the ring during Tyson fights.

But our "Homie" wasn't finished:

i dont care if hes in character or not it couldve been SABU or the fat faggot guy next to me if you slap some one like a bitch and you except his friends not to go"why the hell you do that?" i mean he started the actual physical fight part of that plain and simple and and michelle starr bitch also got in on it and he can suck my dick.

*I see. Obviously you're just a victim, and you could not possibly have done anything to,shall we say, inflame the situation? With people like this, it doth boggle the mind how wrestling fans get a reputation as being emotionally retarded trailer park dwellers. And are you saying you would have got in Sabu's face? Now THAT would have been funny!

To me, its always been funny that when someone causes trouble, and gets in shit, all of a sudden, they seem to develop amnesia at their own misdeeds, and everyone who put a stop to them suddenly becomes a fascist? I like some of the underage drinkers around town who whine to me : " The cops came on the beach and took all our beer away" Well, if you're an underage person who gets busted for breaking the law, the cops are bad guys for enforcing the law? Same dynamic here.

Anyhow, this was the best shot the guys could muster up, compliments of an Insane Clown Posse fan site: (Manson, do NOT resize this, it proves a point.)

Those of us who have evolved past third grade are laughing our asses off. Man, its almost like bringing a pop gun and promising WWW 3.

Speaking of ICP, what is it with fans of this kind of music? They see a video on MTV (Or Muchmusic, the Canadian equivalent) and the next thing you know, they have their hats turned backwards, and they are wearing their pants so low they expose their anal cavity to innocent women and children, and talking like a character from "Boyz in the hood" when in fact most of them are rich white kids.To all those guys: Get over it- You're white.

"Does Manson refer to us as his "Homie's"?

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