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Titus Talks
by Dan Titus on 2001-07-30

Now this is going to be one of those columns where I just say whatever I want until I stop writing. I'll let you know when this happens.

I'm going to go thru my (Somewhat meager) wrestling video tape collection and post some reviews up in the next few weeks, a few ECCW tapes, but mainly Japanese hardcore.

Would someone please inform your humble wrestling writer exactly what Eric Bischoff did wrong? The guy gets wasted, and then pays a stripper to have sex with his wife while "Easy E" watches.Now, in my view, that constitutes a pretty good Saturday night, not a reason for everyone to be upset.

I mean,uh,(putting on my aura of righteous indignation) Eric, you are a bad,bad boy!

Ah, good old ECCW wrestling, that should be just the tonic for Dan's Thursday night. I really wish this fed could get TV, so those who have not bothered to attend a show can find out just how good it really is. The Chance Beckett/Disco Fury match was just as good as anything I have seen on TV in the last few months. I know that if you visit this site on a regular basis, you are likely a fan of indy's, but there seems to be an attitude among some fans that if it is not "Major league" then it is simply not worth watching. And to this I say a very loud "BULLSHIT"! With a group like ECCW, you can often get a ringside seat for around $15, now of course, I have no problem with the WWF, but what do you pay for front row to a house show? $50, $60 ? And for what? A bunch of phoned-in performances?

However, it boggles my mind why a movie studio would pay Tim Burton to direct a remake of "Planet of the apes" when they could have filmed the Nanaimo crowd for way cheaper. The show is about to begin, when Mr Thug (doing ring announcing) requests a moment of silence in honor of Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy. It's not rocket science, you simply sit there with your mouth shut, but some of the simians could not quite grasp the simple concept. They had to reveal their collection of brain farts for the entire audience to see. Steve Corino, despite leaving his gear in Sabu's car, delivered BIG TIME. It did not appear that Sabu was going to make it, so Corino worked hardcore against Dr Luther, it went over huge. All in all, a very good night of wrestling.

Uh, so how do I end this column......uh...let me see.....

Mmmmmmm Major Gunns. I'm gonna ask Marty Goldstein to put in a good word for me if he meets her again.

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