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Jodie's Invasion Rant
by Jodie Williams on 2001-07-21

OK, I'm going to start in on Invasion. There are several things that I would like to get off my chest here. No, not those, I plan on keeping those for quite some time, besides Sam likes those. What I would like to talk about some of the angles for the PPV.

Do we really need to have a tag team bra and panties match? I realize that it appeals the basic male in many of you, but come on, I thought we got over this phase already. Besides, it's insulting to watch Lita, a very talented wrestler in her own right, and Trish Stratus, who has vastly improved over the last year, in a match with a couple of females who are being made out to be nothing more than a couple of self serving bimbos. Besides, I am so much better looking than the two WCW females but without the ego. The way I figure it, why not give them a stipulation that will at least give the two underdogs in this fight a chance, maybe a lightweight weapon of some sort on a pole match. I don't mean anything heavy-duty that will cripple someone, but at least give them something like a strap, that would work out nicely. It's just too bad that the thoughts on women's wrestling seem to have degenerated again since WWFE bought out WCW.

Why is it that we are being subjected to a ref vs. ref match? I can see them putting a bit of heat between the refs for a bit of story line in the background, but come on people, a wrestling match? We are not stupid, we do not really believe that either of these men have anything to prove by doing something they aren't trained to do. If I were to give a suggestion on how to solve this conflict, have them prove who is the better ref. Don't ask me how exactly, but it would be better than watching to middle aged men who are past their physical prime with no potential for giving us a good match. Sort of like watching WCW of old.

Another topic that I would like to go into is this big, ten man, fed vs. fed, tag team match. Now, the match itself I'm not complaining about, it's just the whole Austin as the leader thing. Yes, Austin still has many fans out there, but I just feel that the whole bad ass S.O.B. ran its course a long time ago and needs to remain where it was. I would have liked to have seen Austin continue to kiss McMahon's ass, take the leadership role in the match, and have Angle fighting him for that role in or out of the ring during, or just before the match. This would have cause more confusion before the big match and add to it if the WWF team pulled together just long enough to win it.

On a final note, I hope that the Invasion PPV somehow helps out in getting WCW and ECW their own airtime. I'm enjoying the invasion angle that they have going on, but both of these feds need to have their own show in order to have the talent work against each other and keep inter-promotion feuds from getting old before its time.

Until next time, Jodie.

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