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CWF FANS: here is my response
by B. Brian Burke on 2001-09-12

There is nothing wrong with being loyal to an indy promotion. There is something wrong when blind loyalty results in the kind of attacks generated by my reviews of recent internet wranglings between Canada's 2 NWA offices and the MAN in the middle, Dr. Luther.

Since I was personally attacked, allow me to firstly address CWF message Board poster "a friend"- speculation is initials are WS- who went way off the charts, but did make the reasonable request that I "write something positive for once". I resent that, since I have properly complimented good wrestling and booking in the past,so allow me to continue in that vein.

Yes, many of the CWF wrestlers try hard, putting the title on spyder is a good move, yes, Ernie Todd tries hard, and yes, I think Todd did a good job of trying to patch things up on the Dr. Luther front. But listen, jerk, that does not make up for the fact that the CWF is a struggling indy fed and not even as good as ECCW.

I also note that in his posting Ernie did not attempt to refute many of the specifics, but tried to mix in things I did not write about (sorry but I never said a thing about Luther dropping from the NWA ratings). He also said I relied on hearsay. A careful reading will show that is incorrect. Still Ernie is smart enough to know that if a story quotes postings, or tells the truth, that is accurate journalism.

One of his fans is less smart and seem to resent intelligence and yes, research, becasue the truth hurts. And the truth is that I did not rumor-monger, but reported what was said by Luther, Todd, Juggernaut and Republic, among others.

I have never declared myself the "only source of wrestling knowledge in Canada." This website has plenty of people with knowledge, I am one of many. Clearly this idiot is intimidated by anyone meticulously tracking what is said, and giving an analysis, backed up by facts, that contradicts their own small town view. To him I was "mud-slinging".

I didn't, it was the offices, workers and a variety of posters on the Boards. You accuse me of inventing things. Very indy of you. Nothing was invented. If this person had listed just what specifically was not factual, I would respond. Instead he cries about the truth, because it shows really both offices for what they are, struggling and confused, and not cooperating in the least.

I tried to put together an overview of a ridiculous situation, where the CWF fans, who believe me would have marked right out if they ever, EVER saw an old ECCW card at the Eagles Hall, think their shit doesn't stink, that ECCW's does, and that my telling the truth about who said what about who, and whose office actually functions like a wrestling office, is destructive.

Is it destructive for me to point out that ECCW workers like Kozina, Beckett and Starr are in international demand, but nary a foot from CWF has set foot in an airport on the way to a booking for 2 years? At least Starr gets his talent booked out. This is no knock on the guys CWF gets booked on the NWA Show, but that is still not an outside booking. Which brings me to my next point, responding to Mr. Anonymous, another CWF poster.

Make up your mind. First you say you think I am "Nevada or one of his ilk", then "Ontario Elitist" TID. Which one am I, or do you feel better knowing you are wrong twice in the same posting? I am B. Brian Burke, fool, not Vance or Chris.

It's interesting that Vance Nevada comes up, because that is clearly a jealous low blow, not at me but at him. I wonder why people in Winnipeg hate him. All he did was mastermind ongoing national coverage in the Sun papers and Canoe.Ca., that's all. I reported that it lent to the perception that TRCW is growing while CWF had hardly any shows and lost their champion and other workers. That was the truth.

Another truth is that whatever anyone says about Nevada, he pulled off great coverage for both himself and Top Rope, and deserves credit for that. Which is what I tried to do. Yet I got criticized as a pontificating lier. Some CWF supporters think I am only negative. Because I told the truth about who said what, about how the NWA was a joke, about good work done by Nevada for a rival office.

Manson and Tidwell and Dr. Luther call it good writing.

It must be a shame, being stuck in Winnipeg with no brains. At least when I sit at home typing stories, I get the facts right, tell the truth and get attention worldwide for Manson and Tidwell's websites.

The few CWF fans who can't handle the truth I have dealt with. I welcome the intelligent CWF and ECCW fans to keep reading for more coverage and opinion, both positive and negative.

Do you honestly think that it does ECCW one iota of good to be associated with the CWF when their is no co-operation between the offices and Todd has more influence than Republic in the NWA? ECCW has bled thousands of dollars trying to find a way to make things work, and for a variety of reasons they are unable to break through. I believe that tying to the NWA as a draw needs to be reexamined. Maybe CWF needs to do the same. That's all.

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