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Reckless Youth: Interview Questions
by Marcus Madison on 2001-09-13

-Where did the name come from? and How would you describe your persona?

D-Lo Brown named another guy "Reckless Youth" for his bad driving when we were training at the Monster Factory. The guy's wrestling career didn't last past 2 shows. About a year later, I started using the name. The persona started as a cocky heel character. A punk kid that everyone wanted to see get beat up.

-Who or What first influenced you to follow wrestling as a career? Could you describe what occured?

Sean Waltman(X-Pac, Syxx, 123 Kid, Lightning Kid). His WWF push as 123 Kid opened the doors for lightweights across the country.

-Do you see the Reckless Youth character changing much over time or has it already? What may be different about the character now that some of your newer fans did not see a couple of years ago?

The character will definitely have to change over time. Fortunately, it does change with style, opponents, & atmosphere I wrestle. The changes over the past couples years have been subtle. Mostly with the outfit and ring style.

-In the ring you combine superb revolutionary high risk manuvers along with with speed and finese? In your honest opinion, do you think wrestlers today are lacking in their actual "in ring" abilty? Does this effect the quality the their matches?

Very few wrestlers of today have any "in ring" ability. Most are put on a show because they can flip around or are willing to take a hardcore bump. Very few know how to work someone else any more.

-Independant wrestling promoters can often be described as "used car" dealers. How would you best describe some of your previous relationships with promoters? What incidents could you recall either positive or negative?

I refer to promoters as business men. They are trying to make money. I don't excuse what they often do but I understand.

-What do think of the current state of professional wrestling today with the WWF's buyout of WCW?Do you think wrestlers should look towards moving in the direction of a players union?

Most people say that it's not good for wrestling that WWF controls the major companies. Only time will tell if that hold true. As far as a union, I don't believe that it could ever work it's way into wrestling.

-Do you think the lack of movement by these athletes in a major promotion allows them to be strong armed?

I don't understand your question.

-Do you think working independant shows, has helped fans to recognize Reckless Youth and expose your character?

My recognition is solely based on working the independents. I think it has done very well for me to this point.

-What do you think of the state of professional wrestling as a whole(i.e, content, language..etc)?Where do see professional wrestling headed?

With the direction it is currently heading, I see a lot of talented independent "workers" never getting a chance to break out of the indies. The WWF is more concerned with making stars out of people other than the "workers" who dedicated everything to wrestling.

-What are you feelings about hardcore wrestling? Is it stale and what does it need to maintain the audience's interest?

I'm glad someone else does it so I don't have to. I'm not a fan of hardcore wrestling but I do believe that there is a place for it in wrestling. As far as what it needs, just as much psychology as what regular matches lack these days.

-Last year several rumours, had surrounded your becoming part of the WWF would you like to shead some light on the subject? Were you in negotiations at some point?

I was under a developmental deal for 1 year. For the better part of that year, they stationed me in Memphis, TN.. After that year, they offered me another contract. I asked what they had planned for me and they said nothing. I didn't feel it was wise to resign a deal with them because they had no interest in me. I gave them a year and they gave me nothing back.

-When fans check into what can they look forward to seeing? and how can fans keep in touch with you?

The site is about to get a major, much needed, overhaul. Currently, the schedule is being updated though. I can be contacted by the fans as well as by promoters through that site.

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