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Spotlight on...
by Jodie Williams on 2001-09-14

I hope that what I am doing will turn out to be a regular feature, so please bear with me. It can only improve from here on out.

The Rock: Can somebody please explain to me his obsession with pastry products? I realize that itís funny, but at the same time, itís the most irritating part of the evening. I really donít feel the need to listen to him tease Lillian Garcia and Michael Cole about his Strudel. I have other things I can be doing with my time, like watching a light heavyweight match that they could have fit into that time slot. I also feel that he can still use a large amount of improvement with his in ring work. Itís scary how much good looks and charisma can get you when there is no real talent to back it up.

DDP: When DDP has a good angle to work with, he is very entertaining, unfortunately, the whole stalker thing wasnít that good of an angle. Iím glad that the powers that be have seemed to let the whole thing slowly go to where it belongs, in oblivion. Personally, I feel he could use a sidekick so that they can get a Gilligan and Skipper type relationship for him to work with. DDP has a lot of experience, please give him a semi managerial position for one of the younger talents so he has something to do other than get involved in bad angles.

Undertaker: As much as I would like to see ĎTaker remain in the ring for as long as possible, he really needs to take a step back from what heís doing and take a look at whatís happening around him. This is a man that has had his character reinvented so many times, that anyone else would have been buried in all of the paperwork many years before. Now would be a time for him to change his outward strategy in the wrestling world while staying where the fans can see him. It has been known for a long time now that Calloway is respected in the back for his professionalism and guidance towards the younger talent, why not showcase this by letting us see him showing the newer talent the ropes. Since we donít want to break kayfabe, let him keep the biker attitude that we have grown to love since he took on this newest persona.

Austin: Please stop him from wrestling. Please? The man is obviously crippled, why not get him to retire from the ring, itís not like his body can stand up to the wear and tear much longer anyway. Give him an office job if need be especially in marketing. Why do I say marketing, you ask? I would have to say that, because for the longest time, I donít know how true it is now, Austinís products were the hottest item to be sold at any event. That in itself isnít to surprising, considering how popular the guy was/ is, itís because he had a good deal to do with what went out with his name on it. If he could do that for himself, imagine what he could do for the entire company if he were given a creative aspect in the company.

Booker T: Can we please give this man some more respect? He did so much better in the dying days of WCW before WWFE bought the fed. The fans loved him as the heavyweight champ, why did he have to become another mockery for the fans to laugh at? He has the intensity to go far, we donít need one more talent buried in a sea of obscurity. While weíre at it, drop the Booger T thing that has cropped up since he first showed up, itís degrading to see men and women act like children getting a laugh out of something as stupid as that.

Jericho: What can I say about Jericho other than give him the main event status that he so richly deserves? Oh yeah, quit sticking him in pissing matches with Stephanie, itís been milked long enough.

Hurricane Helms: Here is another talent that is being mocked and turned into a joke for no good reason. As soon as it was found out that he is a fan of comics, they started to make him out to be an idiot for being a fan of super heroes. This entire ďI am a super heroĒ angle that they have him in is just a throwback to the 80ís and early 90ís when super human characters were the norm. Please, return to the present state of mind and come up with something that works with his strengths in the ring, and he is a strong in ring worker.

Tazz: Either have him fully on the side of the Alliance, or put him back on the side of the WWF. He is too talented and tough to be Austinís personal whipping boy. All I can say right now is, ďLet the revolution begin and let Tazz lead the way.Ē

RVD: Other than total awe when I watch his matches, when it comes to describing RVD, two words leap to mind. ďGawd Damn!!!Ē ĎNuff said.

Christian: Iím so glad that the whole ďWill they, wonít they break upĒ angle they had him in with Edge is finally over. While I enjoyed watching E & C in action together, Christian has definitely gone as far as he can in a tag team, it will be interesting to see how far he can go now with the right opportunity.

For everyone out there, please e-mail me so that I can perhaps get a top 10 of the best and worst of the week or month going. Whichever will be possible for me to do in the future. Till then, later.

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