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The Epitaph: The Master Plan
by Marcus Madison on 2001-09-14

This weeks edition of the epitaph is dedicated to one fan that is determined to make everyone recognize the man, D'Lo Brown. So to you John Lucas of Midway, Georgia we will take a closer look at the D'Lo Brown and how the WWF may have has missed the boat on this terrific athlete. John wrote to me sometime back asking me my opinions on his petition to have the WWF part D'Lo back on television.

The proposal was an excellent one, that was seen by D'Lo himself and given personal approval from the man himself. Time has passed since I received this but not forgotten and to you John, I have keep my word so remember that. We will take a look at what went wrong and for D'lo but most importantly what is destined to go right for him as well.


When the nation began, D'lo was simply a sidekick for Farooq which did not help him I believe from the start. D'lo needed the opportunity to establish himself first and then move ahead on his own. As a sidekick it was an uphill battle for him to move up the ranks and allow him the opportunity to be taken seriously. This was the case, for Brown. D'Lo had to establish and skill alone and unfortunately needed the support that so many others in the company have been fortunate to have. As part of the "new" nation, along side The Rock, Farooq, Mark Henry and Kama he was simply taking part in a group that was playing the race card which hid his skills.


The next course of action for Brown was to be teamed with Mark Henry. The question to this is why???Henry was a large man with little in ring skill, he appeared to be both clumsy in the ring and a danger to all his opponents and I do not mean by intimidating them. By teaming him with Henry, Brown career in the WWF was moving backwards and fast. It was obvious that he was the more talented member of this team and was stuck working with the slow footed-as-molasses like Henry. The team was gratefully torn apart when Henry turned on Brown. I never could make sense of this. If anything Brown should have dumped Henry, simply because he had a reason fore goodness sake who was honestly holding back who here???


The next step for the company to take was to give him the opportunity to shine in singles and did he ever. D'lo was appeared very polished on the mic and in the ring. He was rewarded with several European title reigns in the company. Although this was a positive it was not making him seem like any more a creditable athlete because of who his competition was at the time. He was defending his title against the likes of Midean and X-Pac. Now not to take anything way from these guys but when your trying to get the fans to support you, there will be some difficulty when your victories are coming against the likes of reincarnated pig farmer and a guy who had more names in different companies then I can think of. This was not going the way it should D'lo is the talent but does not seem to be moving anywhere but down in the company.


To many it appeared that D'lo was finally going to be able to compete on his own when suddenly...the hoe train pulled into the station. Charles Wright and his Godfather character were adding another member to his red light district and this was D'lo. This was definitely not the direction the company should have taken his character. There were rumors also during this time that reflected the fact that D'lo was not happy with his role in the company and this character as well. So after Wrestle Mania 17, D'lo was turned into a heel as he turned on The Godfather with hopes that both he and the company had new plans for this very accomplished athlete.


This was the end of D'lo as we know it. As soon as he was encouraged to wrestle in a head dress and compete with vail he never had a chance of lasting in the company. Chazz, is another example of a fine athlete who has the skills to succeed but never the proper platform in which to do so. So the pairing of these two hungry and determined athletes made sense. Although the addition of Tiger Ali Singh as their "sugar daddy" had them come across as a comedy act that just was not funny.


As it appears that the status of D'lo in the company is in limbo, one dedicated and determined fan has not only put the time forth but the effort, and this is John Lucas. He not I has "The Master plan" in place to make D'lo's stay with the company a long and successful one. If anyone is interested in reading his plan contact him at and if you would like to take part in the petition help D'lo cause then go

Marcus Madison...Thanking John Lucas through the madness?

Can you hear through the madness? Listen to Marcus Madison every week on Joltin Joe's Wrestling line (416)350-3000 ext.2049. Long distance charges may apply.

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