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How I wrote my column, saved the world, checked my email, baked a fine quiche, and still had time for a shower before the 6pm episode of the Simpsons
by Dan Titus on 2001-09-25

Boy, was Unforgiven the night of a thousand eye injuries or what? Saturn, Edge, Jericho, and Austin all must have missed the days they taught eye protection in wrestling school. Just to keep with the theme of the evening, I hit Sam Halsall in the eye. He wasn't crazy about it either, but I was trying to prove a point on eye protection.

The last few days have provided a wonderful tonic for me. With all thats gone on during the last 14 days, there are just simply times we need an escape, or we go crazy. It does not mean, we are being disrespectful, but it is important to try to maintain some sense of routine and normalcy (Not that anything Halsall does qualifies as normal). I went with Sam and Jodie to the ECCW show Friday night in Port Alberni. If you are reading this, you are likely a supporter of Indie wrestling, but if you are not, I would like you to write me and explain why. Dave Swift and Apocalypse of "Matrats" fame put on a stellar match, which could mean this promotion has better chance of succeeding than I thought. The show took place in front of a crowd of 45 people. C'mon guys,support your indy wrestlers. Except The Count.

I bought two Japanese wrestling boots over the weekend, best of barb wire vol.3&4. I love Japanese hardcore. If any of you guys have any recommendations as to what I should buy,shoot 'em my way.

Just a reminder to our readers: hosts a chat every Wednesday night from 7pm to 9pm PST. After having to deal with us for an hour, you will be able to see why Manson is such a grumpy bear. We only have two rules: 1)Don't be a moron. 2) Don't talk to Marcus Madison.

Is it just me or does the whole "Invasion" angle appear to have hit quicksand? For one things,there's just too many damn titles. Christ,it makes me long for the days when I first started watching wrestling, we only had the World,IC and Tag titles to follow. Now we have the World,IC,Tag titles, European, Hardcore,Lightheavyweight, as well as the WCW world, US, Cruiserweight and tag titles. Its all become diluted. The belts are being traded quicker than Jeff Ranger jokes. Also, it seems the "Alliance"fits in rather than giving the impression they've taken over.

If the plan is still to launch a separate touring company, they really should be laying the groundwork by keeping the titles distinct. With the way its going, The Honky Tonk Mans IC reign will stand forever.

And that would be a tragedy.

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