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Moondog Manson
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Drunken Party Memories
by Moondog Manson on 2001-10-03

Well I just celebrated my 25th birthday and I did it in style, well at least until I was to drunk to remember who and where I was. Turning 25 is a rough thing to do. This is the point I realize...hey I have so much still to do better settle down and do it. But with all that said lets re-cap my Birthday Bash.

I roll into the night club where I bounce (well I need to host it some where I know I will be safe if I go nuts) around 8pm and wait for any one who needs to come early to show up. I am with my good Friend, Prince Alladin, and we are greeted by none other then Wise-One from on my forum. It seems he feels the need to buy me a 26er of Crown Royal. This will play a bad part of my night later on.

So all these people start showing up...some of them my friends, others just regular customers. Well I am not sure how much I had to drink but all the shit being bought for me made it a rough night. I am going from my usual sexually harassing self to a drunken Idiot with a lack of balance. The girls were lucky I was too drunk to hit on them.

This is where the night turns ugly. My Buddy Squeeze shows up and buys me instant death...ten shots of 151. Now the amount of booze in me (which by the way were mixed) didn't help and after slamming back 3 shots back to back I make the charge for the doors to puke. Any one who knows me this is a rare site since I have a built in I am gonna puke and take it easy function. He was there for 5 minutes and ruined my life forever.

I am hung over a parking meter hurling as my fellow co-workers are laughing at me. My night becomes a blur at this point. I remember these things happening though. Head butting people in the club, head butting cars in the parking lot. You would think I finished drinking but no kept drinking more and more. I also remember almost wiping out a couch in the back room trying to lay down. Then there was the idea I should lay down on the floor in the back room DJ booth that was not being used.

After the bar closed I managed to stumble over to the Paramount which is a local strip club that doesn't serve booze. It was open until 4am then after that I was over at a bouncers house and finished that 26er of Crown Royal. Now the night was a blast...but it was also a eye opener. I am wasting my life away drinking. I have since then given up on drinking and I think from all my attempts before this one is the one that sticks.

My advice to you is....don't waste your time with alcohol. All it does is drain your bank account and cause you problems in your life. I remember one month not so long ago I must of drank about $1100 away of my hard earn money. The scary thing is I am not an alcoholic. Just when I drink, I drink so much that I easily spend $100 a night in a bar. I am sure if I added all the money up I spend on booze I could take a awesome vacation some where or spend it on some thing more important. Well hopefully this message gets across to some one.

Join me next week when I look into how 7-11 is a wrestler best friend on the road, but it will be the death of you.

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