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Interview with John Lucarelli
by Marvelous Bitchin' Rogers on 2001-01-08

MBR:: What happens when you interview a promoter surrounded in controversy ?? Well your about to find out. Recently I conducted an interview with John Lucarelli, the promoter, and owner of SWS/WCP. Here's what came about.......

MBR:: First of all John, thank you for doing this interview. There's some questions that I really want to ask you, and I tried not to make those questions hard to answer, As far as controversy and long stories go. So here we go......

John, you've explained the whole "ECCW incident" in Washington in detail. I've heard your side of the story, and ECCW's side of the story. As far as I know, both you, and ECCW, have decided not to work together and co-promote wrestling cards with each other. I'm not so sure anyone knows what the actual problem was, other than the people involved. You and Republic seemed to have different sides of the story. I don't want you to have to go into detail, but one more time for the fans, please explain the very main reason that this whole situation came about.

John:: Simply, it was just a business decision that West Coast Productions, Inc had to make. You see, it makes no sense throwing good money into bad projects. It's not that ECCW is a bad project, it isn't. What it means is this, when any project is new, sometimes in order to take full advantage of that project, or venture, you must be able to be flexible within that project. WCP has a motto we live by, "If you have a first class organization, then have a first class event.' That's what we were trying to do with ECCW, put on a first class event in a first class venue. Why? So the fans and performers would all be treated the way they should be. We leased Bellevue Community College for this purpose, and others. In my experience, when you do a promotion, you always need to advertise, that's a given. However, you don't need to give away the store to get what you want. You see, if you can find a venue that offers more that just a space to rent, then its a no-brainer. More bang for the buck. Let me explain, BCC runs a TV Station on campus that is rebroadcast on the local cable system here in Seattle. I had already secured that TV station to come in and film the event in a documentary format with a finished product to be broadcasted on BCC television with a copy returned to WCP. This tape would then have been used for 'The Boys' to splice down segments featuring themselves and ECCW. They then could have used this tape to promote themselves for future endeavors of their own choosing. Also, when you use a BCC type venue, you have access to a population of students that are there and interested in the activities of their school. This is really just a few reasons why we picked this venue, same rent money, but with benefits. This venue did cost a little more than a bingo hall or your neighbors garage. Because of this, I requested that ECCW drop their requested dollar amount so that WCP could realize the expenses of the promotion and therefore go on with the event. ECCW refused on more than one request made from WCP. I explained about the other opportunities in Washington and the benefits of using a venue like BCC, still no movement from ECCW on price. With ten days to go before Showtime, 12 tickets were sold. I called a board meeting of WCP Directors and explained the options and costs. A decision was made that in order to run this event, something had to give, and to be honest, WCP had already given capitol and time to this project and we couldn't give anymore. A final request was made to reduce the price and turned down. We had no other decision to make, we had to cancel the show.

MBR:: Now....I have to ask you something. Something that I think I would ask anyone in this business. Some say they do it because their a life long fan, etc etc...But why did John Lucarelli enter the grand business of professional wrestling ??

John:: Once a fan, Always a fan. I've used that statement on more than one interview and I really mean it. Since 1981, I have promoted everything from baseball card shows to WWF events and its without a doubt that when I have the most fun, it's when I'm doing pro wrestling events. They (wrestling promotions) are usually not money makers and they are not for the glory of promoting my business, it really is for my own appreciation. The appreciation of the entertainment, along with the hard work and dedication that 'The Boys' put into it. Their dedication makes me want to showcase and promote their talent along with putting on a great show for the fans.

MBR:: Well I live in Oregon myself. I support local wrestling just as much as the next fan. So I was wondering if you ever plan to bring a SWS/WCP show to Oregon. If so, which town would you hold the show in??

John:: We will look into promoting in Oregon. We need to gather information on licensing and bonding, look at the costs and probably do it. Any info you have would be appreciated. I think we will be in Oregon in 2001.

MBR:: Sounds great. Now......All indy promotions talk of bringing their product to TV. Some promotions are just dreaming, and some are actually doing it. Does SWS/WCP have any plans to showcase your great events on television ??

John:: As I stated in my first answer, We have production lined up. We will tape many matches, edit and polish and then release. Television is a medium that is has to be right the first time, so we will polish and not jump in because we think we need it. Everything in good timing...yes GOOD TIMING..

MBR:: I think by now every local wrestling fan has heard of a wrestler by the name of "Awesome Adam." From what I hear he has already worked shows for you. Some fans might even say that Adam has a good repuation, as far as entertainment goes. From what I hear for the most part however, is very negative stuff. I hear that Adam ends up injuring wrestlers quite often. There's a lot of other stuff I hear too, but recently Adam shot all this down as being just "rumors." Many would claim he is just a backyard wrestler who is ready to hurt himself, or hurt others just to put on a show. I've also heard negative stuff about his training, saying he was never even been trained to be a pro wrestler. Some of this might be true, and some not. I don't want you to have to seperate fact from fiction for us. Instead John, I want you to give me your views on a few things regarding Awesome Adam. As we speak, he has worked for you. Do you think Adam is safe in the ring ?? Safe enough to not risk his opponents health, or his health for that matter ?? I'm sure you've taken these thoughts into consideration, but what are your views on him as far as a pro wrestler goes, and not just an entertainer ?? I know he can entertain a crowd, but what are your views on safety as far as him performing ??

John:: Awesome Adam is probably the best wrestler in the PACNW. I have been with him at his school and he is a patient teacher. In fact, tomorrow, our local newspaper will be running a feature with Awesome Adam and his school and his future possibilities in pro wrestling. They will also follow the show to BCC and do more feature writing on WCP/SWS. Remember, advertising without giving away the store. (Sorry, but this could have been ECCW. Too Bad.) Adam will reach into many avenues, he has the talent to go to the places he wants to go too. As far as injuring other wrestlers, I can only answer this way. Lets say you were a pretty good baseball player, in fact you played Division 1A ball. But that was really as good as you were. But you thought you were better, you could play pro if you got the chance. So one day you go down to Arizona, call up Randy Johnson and say, "Hey Randy, I know your pretty good, got some heat, but I'll kick that heat right up your fatty tighty..." Well Randy knowing what he knows, comes down to the park and you step into the box. Randy throws one across the plate, maybe 75mph and you get a little wood on it. " SEEEE" you yell....I got talent" Randy then comes at you with some 99mph heat and knocks you on your butt and that's when you then decide that maybe since you didn't even see that pitch...and most pitchers in the big leagues throws pretty hard like that, you decide that maybe a men's league is better for your game. You tip your hat to Randy with respect and go you merry way... This is kind of what it's like with Adam. He is very talented and knows it. He is in that one percent that can make it. Since he knows this, he works very hard for himself and the fans. The problem is that there is a lack of respect between the vets and Adam. That's where the problem begins and ends. In my promotion, we recognize the vets along with GOOD new talent. Adam can throw the heat and knows he can stand in the batters box with anybody and that's not such a bad thing. But even he respects all the levels of talent and he knows that what is important is respect. He respects his critics but will not bow to them to hold himself back. He has his sights on bigger things for himself. And the fact is, he will probably get there. As far as talent......Adam has a unique gift to be able to do the things he can with his body. Its a gift and he is using it. I watched him in a match with Nickie Sixx. Now Nickie and Adam have never worked together, but it was a main event match because they respected each other and worked hard together. There is just some jealously in the ranks and really, other people just need to get on the train and ride. Adam just wants to be respected for his work like everyone else who works hard at their trade.

MBR:: .....Intresting...............anyway.....This may sound like an odd question, but I was wondering where you got your ring from. Wrestling rings are quite expensive, and the local people around here seem to sell them from promoter to promoter. Almost like a hand me down. For instance, PNCW's ring looks like it was used in the 1940's. Did you have someone build you a ring, or did you buy it used ?? And who did you get it from ??

John:: We will be using the SWS ring and crew.

MBR:: (*MBR's note:: there was a misunderstanding there. I was actually wondering where/who John got his ring from. No biggie.*) One more question before we part ways John. Who do you think is the best wrestler in the Pacific Northwest today ??

John:: Awesome Adam and Matt Farmer are running neck and neck. Tony Kozina is peeking in the door though.

MBR:: Well it's been a pleasure to interview you, and I hope I am able to do it again sometime in the future. I look forward to being able to attend one of your shows. For more information on SWS/WCP shows, and more info on John him

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