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Interview with "Souther Comfort" Ray Brooks
by Marvelous Bitchin' Rogers on 2001-02-09

MBR :: Sometimes I get a chance to sit down with some of wrestling’s ......ah forget it. Today I’m doing an interview with an awesome local talent. His name ?? Ray Brooks of course.

MBR :: Ray, thanks for doing this interview. I’m sure we’ll have some fun, so let get the barn on fire......

MBR :: Ray, how many sheep total have you screwed ??

Ray :: What kind of stupid-ass question is that? You're probably the same brand of wanker that thinks Shawn Michaels carried The Rockers. But seriously, I am somewhat disturbed that you are trying to live out your barnyard fantasies through me. But do you know what really sucks? I went seven months undefeated in ECCW, and people don't say "Hey there goes Ray Brooks, seven months undefeated." I proudly wore the jobber title for ten months, and people don't say "Hey there goes Ray Brooks, the greatest jobber champion ever." But you fuck one sheep.....

MBR :: ...Yes...well.....If you will, please take a second to generate feelings from your 185 lbs. gut. I want you to look deep inside yourself. Tell me, and the world, what it feels like to hold the ECCW Jobber Heavyweight title....

Ray :: I'm up to 192 pounds. Thank you. Thank you really! It was great to hold the Jobberweight title. Sure, it looks like something a 14 year old kid makes in metal shop class. But so what, I had a belt for ten months! That's longer than ANYONE in ECCW!

MBR :: Good point. Now Ray I usually ask all my guests who they were trained by. I assume however that you are an ECCW HoP talent out of BC. Correct ??

Ray :: Yes and no. I was actually trained in Silverspoon's backyard by "Gorgeous" Michelle Starr and Adam Firestorm. HEY does that make me a backyard wrestler? But it was shortly before the HOP was opened up.

MBR :: Please explain the experience of when you did go to wrestling school.

Ray :: It was the equivilant of banging my head against a brick wall 50 times. The pain factor, I think would be about the same. It was actually a great experience though, wouldn't trade it for anything.

MBR :: What did your family and friends think when you told them you were going to be a pro wrestler ??

Ray :: They thought I was the biggest moron alive, and hey, you can't really blame them. Only a handful of people really supported me. It's different now though, everyone thinks it's really cool.

MBR :: Ray, how long have you been wrestling ??

Ray :: I had my first match on Oct 3, 1997. It was a great 20th birthday present!

MBR :: Dr. Brooks, how old are you ?? *notice I could do math, but no*

Ray :: Stop counting on your fingers from the above question. I'm 23. You know, I prefer when cute females ask me that question. No offense, dude. (Ladies?)

MBR :: Who did you look up to in wrestling before you got into this business ?? And do you admire or look up to anybody still today ??

Ray :: Marty Jannetty, of course. The greatest wrestler EVER!!! Some of my other influences / favorites are Bret & Owen, Mr. Perfect, and Ric Flair. Right now, I really like HHH and Benoit.

MBR :: Since Garth Brooks has retired from the world of music, do you plan to take his place and build a new legacy carrying the Brooks name ??

Ray :: What are you talking about, knobgobbler? Garth just remixed a great song of his called "Wild Horses" and it's top 10 right now. I'm happy for my Uncle. But I'm kind of bitter that he forgot my birthday. He's a busy guy promoting his new single, you know.

MBR :: What made you want to get into this business ??

Ray :: Honestly, I have NO idea. I think I got into it because I was stupid. It's something I always kicked around in my head, but it was just more of a daydream. I still can't believe I'm actually doing it.

MBR :: Standard question....what promotions have you worked for other than ECCW ??

Ray :: Nadda! I haven't had the time to travel, but hopefully that'll change in a couple months, after my post-secondary institute gives me an 8x10 piece of paper that says I'm smart.

MBR :: People on the ECCW forum want you to be pushed in ECCW. How do you feel about that ??

Ray :: It's kind of weird, in a good way. It's flattering that people think highly of my work. But rest assured, if I do get a push, it'll be worth it. I'll continue to work as hard as I can.

MBR :: Well Ray, thanks again for doing this interview with me. I see big things coming your way in the world of wrestling, and as a closing question I ask you this.....What will Ray Brooks do in the future of ECCW?

Ray :: I'll promote the good word of Marty Jannetty. MARTY JANNETTY LIVES!!!

MBR :: *If you want to email Ray you can do so at ... :: Or visit his new website at

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