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Interview with "Oscar", from Men on a Mission in the WWF
by Marvelous Bitchin' Rogers on 2001-03-04

MBR:: Today isn't just another day. Oh no, cause you see.. today is the day I interview a former WWF superstar. Today I interview.... Oscar from Men on a Mission.

MBR:: Oscar, I don't know your real name so I hope you don't mind the Oscar references. ..But first of all I want to thank you for doing this interview with me, and I hope you have some fun with this. My first question would have to be... where are you now? Are you still involved in wrestling? Or are you onto something totally different?

Oscar:: I'm based in the midwest, my involvement in wrestling over the past few years has been a limited number of house shows for independent promotions and some appearances. I'm more involved now in radio, live rap performances, commerical recordings and other areas of entertainment.

MBR:: Now there's a new wrestling promotion that's starting up, I'm quite sure it's called the UWA. It may have even started already, I'm really not sure. But it's suppossed to be broadcasted on the BET network. I'm curious to know if they've contacted you for a possible job with the company. Will we be able to see your face across our television in the near future?

Oscar::I have been contacted by the wrestling association negotiations are about to begin with myself and other talent and far as what network they're going to be on and the start up day that information is not available at this time.

MBR:: Were you ever trained to wrestle? If not; ... were you ever asked by the WWF to get training?

Oscar::I was approached by Vince McMahon to wrestle but because I never received formal training I respectfully declined.

MBR:: Who do you think the best talent in wrestling is today?

Oscar::Even though there are alot of bright stars today, I'm still partial to the legends such as Rick Flair, Mel Mascaras and Argentina Apollo but my hat goes off to all the young talent bringing the sport to the level its at today.

MBR:: Did the WCW ever contact you to work for them after your WWF stint? Or did you want to be through with wrestling at the time?

Oscar::No WCW did not contact me, and I wanted to leave wrestling to pursue other areas of entertainment.

MBR:: I'm sure you've made a lot of friends in this business. Who are the ones that you still keep in contact with today?

Oscar::I talk to Moe and Mabel alot still. I keep in contact with the WWF headquarters for various reasons and I get an occassional Christmas card from Bret Hart .

MBR:: What is your favorite wrestling match of all time?

Oscar::Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon LADDER MATCH Wrestle Mania X and MOM versus Quebecers TAG TITLE MATCH , Prince Royalalbert Hall , London, England. That''s the night we won the belts.

MBR:: How did you get your job with the WWF?

Oscar::I ran into Vince and Randy Savage at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas I did a rap for them for fun, they offered me a contact right on the spot.

MBR:: If you could describe Vince McMahon in one word, what would it be?

Oscar::THE BRAIN!!!, From the cartoon Pinkie & the Brain, he's trying to take over the world.

MBR:: Well thank you very much for doing this interview with me. One last question before we part ways.... Where do you go next? What lies ahead in your future?

Oscar::Next I go to maximizing my protential and being the consummate performer, so look out you haven't heard the last of OSCAR yet.

MBR:: If you would like to drop this WWF star an email, do so at ::

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