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Interview with Former WCW star Kim Kanner
by Marcus Madison on 2001-06-19

-Who influenced you to follow professional wrestling?

My father was a Pro-Wrestler, so I was around wrestlers all my life.

If you could re-create the "Shakira" character, what would you have done differently?

I would have had her break away from just being a Valet. Her true talent lies with the fans. She should have been an interviewer.

In your opinion, what traites does a female character in professional wrestling need to have in order to get heard?

Very thick skin and these days ... fake boobs baby!!

-If you were not involved in modeling, (which I would never wish for), what else could you see yourself doing?

I always wanted to be an orthodontist. If not that then anything that has to do with helping people look and feel better about themselves.

What do think about the current monopoly that has taken place in professional wrestling?

I'm sure your referring to the WWF's purchase of the WCW. I think it's a good thing. After all the WCW ratings were so bad. This will bring back the excitement of competition again. More family feuds and great pay per views.

-Do you think wrestling is missing something today, that it may have had when your father competed?

Yes, I think there's to much hoochie girl stuff going on. There are plenty of women out there that are truly athletic and have the ability to wrestle with the big boys.

-Where do see professional wrestling headed?

I don't really see it getting much bigger then it already is. The true fans will always be there even if the ratings drop, which I think they will sooner or later.

-Where can fans next see Kim Kanner in action?

I still have at least a toe in the door at the WWF and WCW. So I guess that's up to the fans to write in, that's if they want me back?

-If fans wanted to get in contact with you, what is the best way them to do so?

If fans want to contact me they can go to:

You can also request to talk to me over the phone one on one. Just simply go to my site and click on my keen button. Or you can write to me at:

PMB 120
Kim Kanner
333 Washington Blvd.
Marina Del Rey, Ca.

-Is there any wrestler in WCW you would have liked the opportunity to work with?

Sure, the one and only "Rock"

-Did you ever work the independent circuit or consider it?

Nope never worked never considered it.

-Do you think working independent shows, would help expose your character more?

Yes, I do think independent shows help with any kind of exposure. That's if your a wrestler. The more people see you the more of a fan base you'll have.

Not to mention all the practice in the ring and on the mic when possible.

-Word Association:
-Vince McMahan AKA: Superman
-Paul Heyman ???
-Shane McMahon Superman in training. He'll be flying soon.
-Trish Stratus Pamela Anderson of wrestling
-Francine ?
-Scott Steiner Gridiron Gladiator
-Booker T Rambo
-Kim Kanner Just a little Angel with horns and spikes! Ouch!!!!

Thank you, Kim it has been a honour working with you.

Your welcome sweetie!

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