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Interview with Legend George Steele
by Marcus Madison on 2001-06-19

-Do you think wrestling is missing something today, that it may have had when you competed?

A. The wrestling business today is not the same as it was in 1962 when I started. The athletes today are great but they are not as tough as we were. I can't a champion (or wrestler) getting beat up in a bar fight.

-Where do see professional wrestling headed, and why?

A. Vince puts on a super production. I call it as the ring turns. I think for wrestling to survive it must go back to territories. I don't know if this will happen.

-Has working independant shows, helped fans keep in touch with the "George Steele character? Has this helped to maintain the popularity of the character more?

A. I see my roll in the Indys as A BLAST FROM THE PAST. I enjoy seeing the stars of tomorrow. One of the things that has been lost is the self respect of the talent. Guys are begging to work. In my 40 years I have never called and ask anyone for work.

-This may be to difficult a question to ask but, What was your most memoriable match? and Why was it so meaningful?

A. I was involved in so many matches. It is impossible to pick one out. I will tell you the first time I wrestled BRUNO for the WWWF championship was one of them. I had so many sold out championship matches with BRUNO it is hard to think of just one.

-Who do you feel worked the best program with you? and What was it about the feud that worked so well?

A. BRUNO the "feud" was about the world championship. That is what it should be about.

-During your time with the WWF, you were involved in several feuds. Do you think the company did a good enough job to promote you?

A. I promoted me. And yes I did a good job of it. If I did not want to do somthing I didn't do it.

-What do think of the current monopoly that has taken place recently with WWFE? Do you think wrestlers today should look towards establishing a union?

A. I don't think a union will work. All wrestlers are not created equal. Right now shows are packaged from top to bottom. I think that wrestling must go back to super stars if wrestling is going to survive.

-Several wrestlers have had certain gimmicks that have hurt their careers. Did you ever feel that "the animal" ever did that to you? Or was it a great opportunity for you?

A. I created the ANIMAL. I am working on a book (as every other wrestler is) that will explain how the animal came to be. No one ever sit down a said this is what we are going to do. Things just happened.

-Who and What influenced you to follow wrestling, and why?

A. (MONEY) I was never a wrestling fan. I was a teacher that need a extra income. My book will explain how that came to pass.

-Several fans will remember your long standing feud with Randy Savage over Elizabeth. What are you thoughts of the terrific program you both worked?

A. It was a living hell

-Which wrestlers today, in your opinion do you feel will make as much as an impact as yourself and why?

A. Vince McMahon.

-What can fans expect now to see from George "the animal" Steele?

A. I only wrestle today for one reason and it is to make a statement about the failing of health care.


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