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Interview with Dan Severn
by Marcus Madison on 2001-06-25

-Who influenced you to follow organized competition?

I have been an athlete all my life. If I were to say someone, it would be an older brother.

-How long have you been wrestling, and competing in ultimate fighting?

Mixed martial arts since 1994 and pro wrestling since 1992.

-How would you best describe the "beast" character?

Serious competitior. Grappler that will try and take you to the mat and finsh you with a submission, elbow smash or knees to the head.

-Do you feel grecco-roman wrestling is underrated, and has a place in mainstream wrestling?

Sure, but I am considered a throw back.

-Where can fans next catch "the beast" competing?

Next weekend I am fighting in New Orleans, Calgary apppearances May 25-27, wrstling in OR. tomorrow night.

-During your career you were a very successful singles competitor, would you have liked the opportunity to have competed in tag team competition?

I have worked some tag teams, but would rather do singles matches.

-How would you best describe your working relationship with the NWA, WWF and the UFC?

I have always maintained good relationships with all the companies that I have been involved with.

-Do you see the "Beast's" mild mannered character changing much?

If so, how, if not why not?Time will tell.

-Do you feel the content in pro wrestling today is much to graphic?

Sure, not enough wrestling.

-Growing up, who would you say you idolized in professional sports?

Not really. I respected a few pro athletes.

-What do think of the current state of professional wrestling today with the WWF's buyout of WCW?

I am very unhappy about it. It is now a monopoly and there is no longer a way for wrestlers to negotiate.

-What is the best way for fans to keep in touch with "the beast"? or which is our Cage Fighting fight promotion.

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