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Interview with Former ECW star Nova
by Marcus Madison on 2001-06-25

--Who influenced you to follow professional wrestling?

i was a big fan of Hogan as a kid, and got into it cause so many people told me i couldnt do it...

-Who would you say your style of wrestling has evolved from?

liger, scorpio, shawn michaels.

-How would you best describe the "Nova" character?

i think i have evolved from a funny , cartoon type character, into a more serious, well rounded athlete, who people can see truly enjoys what he does in the ring.

-Do you feel the level of high risk manuvers will take it's toll on some of todays top talent, in the long run?

absolutely.....i dont think you'll be seeing too many 20 yr careers anymore.

-During your career you were a very successful tag team competitor, would you have liked the opportunity to have competed more regularly in singles competition?

sure......but i think that tag-team wrestling is my true is great though too.

-Some wrestlers have had certain gimmicks that have hurt their careers. Did you ever feel that the b.W.o ever did that? Or was it a great opportunity to start off in ECW.

the BWO is something that people 20 yrs from now will still remember...i am very proud that i was a part of it.

-How would you best describe your time working in ECW?

alot of ups and downs.....but mostly a great time, with the hardest working bunch of people i ever met.

-Did you see the change in the Nova character coming or had it been a work in progress? If so, how, if not why not?

little by little, as i got better in the ring, and as my confidence grew, i think i started to evolve more and more...

-Do you feel the content in pro wrestling today is much to graphic?

not at all.

-Will there be any chance for fans to catch Nova, in "the major promotion" ?

i guess you will have to wait and see.

-What do think of the current state of professional wrestling today with the WWF's buyout of WCW?

i think they will get it to work.....the alternative was wcw closing up and going under.

-What is the best way for fans to keep in touch with Nova?

email me at

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