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Interview with Former WCW star Midajah
by Marcus Madison on 2001-07-05

-Who or what was it that initially influenced you to pursue wrestling?

They came to me. They wanted some fitness girls for NWO when I first started. Rich Minzer my manager introduced me to Terry Taylor who flew to Los Angeles to interview me. The rest is history.

-If you could re-create the "Midajah" character, what would you have done differently?

I thought it was very flattering that they used my real name. I would probably make the charactor more Latina utilizing my spanish more often and my ethnic background which I am very proud of. I would have attended Wrestling school a lot more so I would have had the opportunity to do more wrestling.

-In your opinion, what traites does a female character in professional wrestling need to have in order to get heard?

Just realized you can respond right onto this (much easier). I think it's important that she knows how to communicate with respect and whatever ideas or suggtestions she is trying to get across needs to be done very tactfully with a lot of respect and stay humble. There's a lot of ego in this business. She should be good at what she does in order to be taken seriously.

-If you were not involved in modeling, (which I would never wish for), what else could you see yourself doing?

What I am doing now-acting. I also enjoy doing personal appearances, giving seminars both inspirational and always with nutrition & fitness, work with children. I love to share my knowledge and love meeting new people.

-What do think about the current monopoly that has taken place in professional wrestling? Do you think that wrestlers should look towards a union?

No comment at this time.

-Where do see professional wrestling headed?

I've only been involved in wrestling for a little over a year. I must honestly say i have not been in it long enough to comment on this.

-Where can fans next see Midajah in action?

In the upcoming movie "The Bubbleboy" which will debut in August. ' I also have a brand new website that is being launched. You can also look for me in the upcoming Muscle & Fitness magazines. I'm shooting all of June and July for the fitness magazines.

-If fans wanted to get in contact with you, what is the best way them to do so?

They can e-mail me at or through my new website,..

-Is there any wrestler in WCW you would have liked the opportunity to work with?

Actually I was pretty lucky to take bumps from some of the top wrestlers such as Rick Flair, Kevin Nash, Jeff Jarrett, Rick Steiner, Goldberg, Sting, Vanpireo, and many others. and of course I loved working with Scott Steiner and his brother. I have to say that Shaun, Chuck Palumbo, Ray Ray, as well as several others are incredible wrestlers/athletes. I wish that I would have had a chance to work with them as well. I feel very lucky I was fortunate to work with all these fantastic people.

-Did you ever work the independant circuit or consider it? Do you think working independant shows, would help expose your character more?

I've never had the opportunity to do that. I suppose it would help with exposure.At the moment, I'm preparing for a fitness competition and photo shoots for most of June and July so I am unable to do that right now. We'll see if the opportunity rises in the near future.

-Who do you feel worked the best program with you? and What was it about the feud that worked so well?

Scotty and I feel we worked really well with big sexy Kevin Nash, Rick Flair, Goldberg,Sting, Jeff Jarrett and Rick Steiner. From what I remember, we got the biggest pop from the crowd. They loved seeing Scott vs. these wrestlers. I think the story line and their personal charactors, they wanted to see who Scotty was out to get next. They loved to see me get hurt for interferring in the matches. They love to hate Scott and I.

-Which wrestlers today, in your opinion do you feel will make as much as an impact as yourself and why?

I hope that I have made a big impact. I was there for only a short time, like I said before, a little over a year

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