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Interview with ECW star Jason
by Marcus Madison on 2001-07-05

How would you best describe your time in ECW?

Unforgettable, it was not only a great learning experience, but it was an opportunity to work for a company that soon would become a driving force in "sports entertainment". I learned a lot & I am grateful for it.

-Who first influenced you to follow wrestling?

My Mother & Father watched Pro Wrestling when we lived in Europe, as a child I got hooked the first moment I saw it.

-How long have you been wrestling professionally?

In 1977 I became a student of this great sport. I have learned a lot throughout the years & today I can pass on my knowledge to others that want to learn the trade. That's why I run The House of Pain Pro Wrestling Dojo in Waterbury, CT.

-Who came up with the "Jason" character?

Paul Heyman did. It seems to me that it was a take-off of the character of Rick "The Model" Martel & Paul himself wanted to take it to the "extreme".

-Who were you trained by to become a professional wrestler?

To name a few Johnny Rodz, Bobby Bald Eagle, Pete McKay, but most of my training was conducted by wrestling & working with such great competitors as Ric Flair, Terry Funk, Rick Martel, Steve Keirn & many more.

-Where can fans next catch Jason in action?

Please visit and

-During your time in ECW you were a very successful singles competitor, why did you make the change to managing?

Actually due to a serious injury, I became a manager. I always wanted to continue wrestling. I even held the ECW "Television" Title for quite awhile. Paul Heyman's decision was that with my experience I could help other young talent get over. There were guys with good skill, but with limited "sparkle" & it was my job to spice it up.

-How would you best describe your working relationship with P.J Walker (a.k.a Justin Credible)?

I have known him since he was a kid & his success now makes me very happy. I would like to think that my involvement contributed toward the success that he enjoys today.

-Do you see the Jason character changing much? If so, how, if not why not?

It already has a long time ago, I have gone back to my own roots & I believe that it shows.

-Growing up, who would you say you idolized in wrestling?

The Sheik, Dusty Rhodes, Ric Flair, The Curry's, Superstar Graham, Stan Hansen, King Curtis, Kevin Sullivan, Bob Backlund all the way to Brian Pillman, SABU & then some. "Nuff Said"?

-What do think of the current monopoly that has taken place recently with WWFE?

This is one question that can only be answered in time. So let's just wait & see.

-What is the best way for fans to keep in touch with Jason?

Visit or e-mail or if you're interested in training with The House of Pain Pro Wrestling Dojo, e-mail

-Word Association:

A single word is not enough to describe any of these individuals, but I can do it in a short statement.

Francine - A great asset to our sport. Whether WWF or WCW they will be lucky to have her.
Trish Stratus - She show's great improvement time after time. I respect her a great deal.
Rhyno - Super athlete and a very down to earth individual. I am happy for him.
DDP - One of the hardest working men in our business today.
Hulk Hogan - Timeless. Deserves our respect & gratitude for all that he has done.
Booker T - A perfect human specimen. His success will only get bigger.
Chris Benoit - Marvelous miracle of human machinery.
Paul Heyman - He is the Alfred Hitchcock of our great sport. For the best booker dial "H" for Heyman.
Vince McMahon - His success is a reflection of the love & passion he has for wrestling.
Jason - I want to continue to be a part of what I love to do & make my contribution.

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