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Interview with ECW star Kid Kash
by Marcus Madison on 2001-07-05

*You gained popularity through wrestling in for ECW. How do think the styles of these wrestlers different than those of the WWF and now WCW? Why do you think this is so?

In my opinion, ECW was just wide open anything went. To me, WWF and WCW, are more about producing storylines and that less is more. Which appears to be working, if the fans like it and it works then stick with it, but ECW was more into extreme wrestling.

*In the ring you combine superb revolutionary high-risk maneuvers along with speed and finesse? In your honest opinion, do you think wrestlers today are lacking in their actual "in ring" ability? Does this effect the quality the their matches?

I don?t think that it affects the quality of a match. The promoters are marketing this style of wrestling and the fans have grown accustom to it. My style is that Kid Kash is a force to be reckoned with, but you can?t have two cruiser weights going at it and stealing the show when you still have a main event that consists of likes of Stone Cold and Triple H. The crowd is spent before the main event ever takes place. It is really all up to the promoters and what they think the fans want to see.

*Has working independent shows, helped fans keep in touch with the Kid Kash? Or has this helped to maintain the popularity of the character more?

I am really not sure. (Laughs) There just aren?t as many fans at the Indy show, as opposed to the TV tapings and such of the WWF. But at an Indy show, the fans are much ?closer? to the wrestlers. But 9 times out of 10, the average fan is going to go to the shows that are in the coliseums, than an Indy show. The Indy fans are hardcore fans, which just can?t get enough wrestling. (Laughs) At, the Indy shows fans expect to see, the same, as the TV tapings from the guys that are in WCW or WWF and most of the wrestlers, aren?t going to give the same performance. It isn?t because of the smaller amount of fans or the lack of caring about the fans. It is more about, keeping your body healthy, for when you can do those crazy-risk taking moves, for television. Most wrestlers try to save that craziness for the PPVs, but no matter what they and I will always put on a great show no matter what the circumstances.

*If you could ever re-create the Kid Kash character what would you do differently?

I wouldn?t change it. (Laughs) I am content with the character. The crowds seems to like it, and it works well for me and you know what they say, ?If it isn?t broken, don?t fix it.?

*During your time with the ECW, you were involved in a several feuds. Do you think the company did a good enough job to promote you? What could they have done differently?

I think ECW did a fine job building my character. You don?t want to build a character to fast. The fans get burned out on them too fast. Paul E. built Kid Kash the old school way, and I preferred it that way. I was a baby-face, that lost a lot, and that built the sympatric fan base for me, and when I started winning, which made the fans like the character even more.

*The rise and fall of ECW is something I am aware you are close to. How would you describe your working relationship with Paul Heyman, Tommy Dreamer and the rest of the roster of ECW?

I had a wonderful working relationship with everyone. It was the best locker room, to be in night after night, and I can guarantee that. It was like going home every night, or weekend, whatever the case may have been. Paul E. in my opinion is a genius that if the money and backing was there, could rebuild Rome.

*Both you and Rob Van Dam have worked together as a tag team and competed against each other. How would you describe your working relationship with him in and out of the ring?

In the ring, Rob and I work well together, because we seem to be on the same wavelength when it comes to wrestling. We both tend to have the philosophy that wrestling has a spiritual sense and is an art form, not just entertainment.

Out of the ring, because of your beliefs in the ring, we have a lot of respect for one another, and we are a lot alike. Rob is very laid back and quiet and I am just like that. I mean, yeah I will go to a bar and kick back and have beer, but I am not there to raise some hell, but more to observe everyone else. Rob is very dedicated to his friends and to wrestling, he is not selfish, as everyone seems to think he is. He would do anything for a friend and I like to think that I am the same way.

*Have you ever considered working in tag team competition more often or simply remain as a singles wrestler? Why?

I haven?t really thought about, but I enjoy both. Both styles require a creative mind, on two different levels. Like when I was Ricky Morton, after Gibson left the Rock ? N ? Roll Express. I had to learn to do more than in arm bar in the ring, to get the crowd into it, the crowd was there to see Ricky, he was already established and I had to show them what I had, and kick it up a notch er two. I would love to get into a federation with Nova and perhaps do more of a tag-team partnership with him. He is awesome in the ring, and I think that if he and I had the opportunity, we could give the crowds, a hell of a lot of great matches.

*Kid Kash, you have worked so hard to attain the popularity you have. What is it about wrestling that has always appealed to you to continue to compete?

Because I am a perfectionist. (Laughs) I am never satisfied with my performances, and I am continually perfecting my art. I want to be in that class of elite wrestlers, which are considered the best that anyone has ever seen. I want to be able to not get myself over so much, and give the crowd one of the greatest matches they have ever seen. I want the fans to be in their seats and be dying for some popcorn, or a beer, or the bathroom. And then them hear that I am up next, and they KNOW it is gonna be a match that they aren?t going to want to miss, so they can?t leave that seat just yet.

*This question allows you to be more of a fan and not an actual athlete for a second. If you could face anyone past or present in a match or watch any match of any two wrestlers who would it be and what type of match would it be?

Damn, that is a tough question. (Laughs) As far as a fan goes, I guess, I would have to say that I would like to see Tiger Mask against Dynamite Kid. Or Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero in Japan or maybe Dean Malenko vs. Eddie Guerrero in Japan.

If I cold wrestle someone, I would have to say Ric Flair, to see if I could keep up with his old school style, since I was originally trained to the style and atmosphere.

*I had the opportunity to see you compete against Rhyno here in Mississauga, Ontario Canada. In the match you made took some tremendous risks. Have you ever considered stepping back from some of the high risk maneuvers to prolong your career?

I haven?t really thought about that either. I just know that you have to smart and level headed about it all. It is something that you can?t be going out there every night and doing. When ECW was running 4 days a week, I was only doing the crazy high-risk high-stuff for the TV tapings and PPVs. The only way you would see me doing it every night is if a lot of money was involved. (Laughs) And over the years, I have learned sometimes, less really is better.

Word Association:
-Vince McMahon
Vince is a wrestling industry genius. He really has his shit together and doesn?t take any bullshit from anyone, and I think that is how he got to where he is today.

-The Rock
Very entertaining. His gimmick is great, and he deserves to be where he is at today.

-Lance Storm
One hell of a teacher and student. I have lots of respect for Lance. I feel that I am still learning every time I get into the ring and I think Lance is the same way. He is continually learning and perfecting his art, and yet, he is a professor in the ring to everyone else.

-Steve Austin
I don?t know Steve personally. I think he has one hell of a character and he is a legitimate technically wrestler, but his character has propelled him to a status that he doesn?t have to show what he knows all of the time.

Really great guy, one of the best. He is a good friend and I have tons of respect for him, and I know that if you don?t cover up, he is gonna knock you senseless with that kick of his. (Laughs)

-Paul Heyman
What can I say about Paul, which I haven?t said before? He is a genius. A great friend and a mentor. I have all the respect in the world for Paul. He made me work for what I got. That in turn makes you respect it all. If you are constantly just given something, you will never respect it. I defiantly look up to Paul; he is a hell of a talent.
Great guy and worker. Rhyno is very quiet and laid back, and yet he could rip your head off, if he wanted to. (Laughs)

-Rob Van Dam
Rob is the most athletic guy I have ever known. He is dedicated to his art and his friends. He will bust his ass for the business. And he is a hell of a draw of a company. Both sides of the demographic scale, male and female, like him. That is always a plus.

-Kid Kash
Don?t ask (Laughs) Kid Kash is someone that never got into the business, but now I am glad that he did, and hopefully he will be around for awhile if the politics of it all, doesn?t keep him out.

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