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Investigative Report - 7-11
by Moondog Manson on 2001-10-15

Well here it is...the article where I describe how 7-11 is wrestlers best friend. You see, there is one thing you can guarantee, there is always one 7-11 in each town you wrestle in. I some times think that is how promotions decide to book shows is on the location of 7-11's. Not every town is like the big city, in fact most tend to close pretty early leaving wrestlers stuck with no where to eat. Well 7-11, though not a restauraunt, can fill in and give you all sorts of goodies to survive on.

In fact with 7-11 being open 24 hours a day, it allows wrestlers to go straight to the bar after a show and not worry about dinner before bed. There are so many delicious treats at 7-11, some of the best include nachos and cheese, slurpees, burritos, playboy, pop and chips, candy, coffee (late night trips), and best of all...meat by products such as pepperoni and beef jerky.

The Best 7-11 is the ones located across the street from the hotel, this leads to many late night food runs. It also helps for those tours when you break down and are stuck in a town with minimal money to spend on food.

Some of my fondest memories of being on the road happened in 7-11, like the time Rockford and I had been in Nanaimo and we were loaded. He is standing there as I notice the slurpee machine, I charge like a bull seeing red and with a swat of my arm Rockford flew into the slurpee machine. Thank fully he wasn't injured but he did injure some guys pride as he has this dude if he had taken a shit in front of some pretty girls.

Also any trip I bought a coke slurpee to use for mix with crown royal was a good visit.

Well to get back to a more serious note, I had a blast and met some new students Saturday night as I worked a show at the HoP. I haven't been in a ring since the beginning of August, and what better place to do it then in front of a bunch of friends. I was booked in a 5 minute broadway with Bulldog Bob Brown Jr. This match was a bit of improv and quickly deteriorated when Brown and my self clued in beating up the ref was more fun then each other. This match reminded me of what I am about...garbage wrestling. We used keyboards, blow up dolls, a gas can, even an power saw.

The Smooth Prince was there and ended up running in to ref the match of us beating up the first ref, then he realized he wanted to get involved so the three of us beat the crap out of the ref. We finally decided it was time to pin him and we got the 1 2 3. After the Match the Prince and I turned on Bulldog Bob Brown Jr., we beat him senseless and I pinned him. That made it two victories in my return.

I watched these students then perform and I realized how much potential some of these kids had. They had two female wrestlers that were young and I know they will grow into the business. From time to time I saw some split moments where they got confused and weren't sure what to do next, but all in all they were pretty good.

I was really impressed with their attitudes also. When I offered them advice they seemed eager to take it and wanted more. I know I am gonna head out to the HoP again to work a show this Saturday and watch these kids a little closer and offer them as much support as I can. I remember breaking in, how hard it was and the only way I excelled was with advice. Practicing and Leaning new moves only takes you so far, listening to advice and working shows is the way to make it. These kids are working shows and ready to listen which gives me a good feeling about them all.

At the end of the show we did a battle Royal, and oddly enough I sold my ass off for these kids and took little offense I kept bumping for them. With the exception of Juggernauts Webmaster...with whom I performed a piledriver right through the center of the mat. I did manage to do that good old trick of hurting my hip and lower back while being dumped over the top rope, god I miss the constant pain in my body from fighting. With all the recent fights at the club and now working shots again I will be back in pain in no time, and loving every minute of it.

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