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Our readers are inbred morons.
by Dan Titus on 2001-10-16

Is anyone else starting to lose faith in wrestling? It's starting to happen to me. Maybe I'm just jaded from watching too much over the years, but its getting harder and harder to keep my interest. Think of how sad that is. The Invasion angle was supposed to be a dose of CPR to the industries dwindling fan base, but, it's causing more problems than its solving. The Alliance vs The WWF is meandering aimlessly in circles, with no clear objective in sight. Sort of like Halsall at work, but at least no one expects much out of him. The angle is dead. So what do they do? They give us DDP as Tony Robbins and Shane Helms as the Green Lantern. Who's running the ship? Shane and Stephanie are now getting themeselves over at the expense of the talent MORE THAN EVER. Stephanie has herself on the cover of RAW! I thought that was a way to get new stars over. If the WWF was a ship, James Cameron would direct the movie.

Dude, its just sad. Janet Jackson has been reduced to lyrics like "Maybe we'll meet in a bar, he'll drive a funky car". At least we can admire those tits. By the way, I would like to thank Shane Sweeney, the official Titus mark of this website. I do not know why I need a mark, but I will gladly exploit it for personal gain. I think Jeff Ranger blames me for the loss of his radio show, because I was a caller on the final show (Neither of us knew it would be) But Jeff, in the immortal words of Curly Howard, should remember that "I'm just a victim of soicumstance".

RVD headlines his first WWF PPV this weekend, alongside Steve Austin, and Kurt Angle. It's really great how RVD has taken the ball and ran with it, but he should remember, GET ON HHH'S GOOD SIDE WHEN HE RETURNS! With HHH now having control of Vince's ear (and several parts of Stephanie's anatomy) he will surely have a say in whether RVD headlines more PPV's, or Jakked tapings.RVD,do not hand HHH an autographed photo, pat him on the head, and tell him to "Keep practicin' and stay in school"

I walked into Subway for lunch the other day, and saw a picture of a local girl who met this Jared guy, because she had lost a good deal of weight as well. Jared,where do I start? It's commendable that you took control of your life and health, but trying to inspire people to do anything is stupid. And they were posing with a pair of pants Jared wore when he was fat, ASSHOLE! Do you carry these goddamn things around with you or something? If I saw him in that Subway, I'll wait until he starts eating, and then I'll sneak up behind him, and I'll yell: "Hey Jared, YOU SUCK!" Then he'll start chasing me. Now, I have nothing against gay folks, but what if Jared is gay, and decides to butt-rape me?Oh god, it would be embarrassing, right there in the Subway parking lot? And what if Richards Simmons comes out and does "Sweatin' to the oldies" while Jared ham-slams me?Guys, stay away from Jared,ok?. He's likely one dangerous motherfucker.

Dan- Manson called me a 14 year old boy trapped inside a 40 year old circus elephant. Thats likely the most apt description.PS-Lloyd Chapman still hasn't gotten laid.

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