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Halloween Comes Early
by The NWG on 2001-10-19

Yes, just like I promised last's time for a special Halloween Comes Early edition of Traditionally Yours. Before we get into the eery Halloween Stuff, let's look back to the NWA 53rd.

Tony Kozina missed the show due to car troubles, and was taken out of the card. Starr was on his way to the UK, leaving but two ECCW reps on the show. Juggernaut lost to EZ Ryder for the vacant NWA Canadian Title, and Christopher Daniels lost to AJ Styles (aka: The Man) in the apparent match of the night. Other news saw NWA Wildside attack NWA Florida and IPW in the main event, and the "worked shoot" finish to Shinya Hashimoto vs. Steve Corino, leaving the NWA World Title vacant. I give Corino's retirement 3 months.

The show seemed to go off well apparently, so hopefully this will give them something to build on. It also provided new rules for the NWA feds, which means ECCW will have to book the NWA World Champion and either the World Jr. Heavyweight Champ or World Tag Team Champs. I'm not complaining.


Next order of business: No Mercy is this weekend. My buddy has DTV so I won't get to see it, so here's my quick predictions on the show.

Angle over The Alliance (thanks to a Vince swerve to keep the title in the WWF), Jericho over Rock (Alliance Assist), Taker over Booker, Kane over Test, Torrie over Stacey, Hurricane/Lance over The Hardyz, Big Show/Tajiri over Dudleyz, and Edge over Christian. Could be a good show.

Now, onto Halloween. Nobody submitted Halloween Safety Tips, so I've changed my plans to...WRESTLING RELATED COSTUMES!

Obviously, the best choice is "The Hurricane". Find a tricycle, slap the logo on it, and memorize the catchphrase "What's up With Dat?" and call everything you see "Hurri"-something ("Hurri"candy, "Hurri"Lame, "Hurri"Beer, etc.)

Next choice: A McMahon family member. This will work best if you're annoying. Just keep ringing the persons doorbell until they quit answering, and then ring it about a dozen more times.

Steve Austin. Just wear jeans, tape up a t-shirt to say "What?", and remember to say: "Trick or Treat? What? I SAID TRICK OR TREAT!"

Sean Stasiak: If you just pretend to be him at the start, it'll make your drunken tripping seem like part of the costume by the end of the night.

Dropkick Murphy: *pumps fist in air* GYNECOMATIA!

Dan Titus: Everything that KISS has ever marketed, and of course....


And last, but not least...

Moondog Manson: A bottle of crown royal in one hand, and dressed up "ring rat" in the other, and pants that slip down your waist. And remember to punch out anyone who accuses you of having "a bad build".


Well, that's all for this week. See you next time...

Traditionally Yours,

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