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Just read the damn thing...
by Dan Titus on 2001-10-23

I'm starting to lose interest in wrestling at such a rapid pace, I'm really considering giving up this column space. Maybe from now on I'll copy the Ross Report and pass it off as my own work. The funniest part to me is when JR is talking about some developmental prospect,and refers to him as a "Young Stud". Do you realize what this means?...

... It means JR likes boys...tee hee. "With God as my witness, my anal cavity has been broken in half!

Perhaps the most pleasant surprise of No Mercy was the lingerie match between Stacy and Torrie. I mean, the effort was there,and the girls even did a pretty good series of pin reversals. It was a passable enough match that putting them in lace teddies seemed...Unnecessary. Ah,well. I'm sure the booking team will have them wrestling in gravy by the next Smackdown.

Having four titles change hands on Raw this week illustrated the problem I have spoken on before. There should be anticipation as to whether or not a title will change hands, it should not be a foregone conclusion. Title matches are supposed to be a trump card at the box office,not something viewers take for granted. If the booking team does not care, why should the viewing public. The actual belt itself is really nothing more then a plot device, but its used improperly more often not.

Speaking of titles, Kurt Angle has the US one. Over the last 4 months, we have seen him with both world titles, now this. Lets see how over he can be without a belt. Sometimes the chase is more interesting than the end result. I mean, his WWF world title over win over Austin was nothing more than a feel good win in wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks, and its all but forgotten now.

RVD goes over on the Big Show in under 5 minutes Monday. It's now at the point where going over on Show means nothing. RVD is going places, but this will never be a major feather in his cap, just a time filler in between beer commercials.

I'm not going to say the No Mercy ladder match was not good, because it was. But the ladder match has been so overplayed, the signifigance is lost. I would like to see this match given a rest until Wrestlemania, keep it meaningful.

Several of our local backyard moron feds are talking merger in Nanaimo. It's even rumored they are planning to book the Centennial Building(where ECCW has shows) and running cards. Ya know, they call it backyard wrestling for a reason. When you try to use it as a means to make money, you are crossing boundaries that ought not to be crossed. And could you stop wearing your belts to shows?, The rest of us are laughing at you.Even Marcus Madison, but I think he just likes it that we are not laughing at him.

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