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Best Wishes for All
by Terry Joe Silverspoon on 2001-11-05

This artical may be a little premature, it's not quite the new year. Some interesting developments in the local area. Tim Flowers giving up Cloverdale was quite a shock to me. Personally I find it hard to believe that Tim would shut down ICW. As you all know All Star wrestling is taking the McKay building over in the month of November.

I am quite sure they have a new and ambitious promotional machine on line. The result being a bonus for the wrestling fans of the local area. My hope is that all in the business can behave like adults and keep things on an open field. I am being an optimist, because in all honesty I don't see that happening. Dirty deeds being the fuels that keep things burning in this area. Always has been the case. The unfourtunate reality of the situation is that the Indy Wrestling is on a big downhill ride. Fans have been converted to the WWF in past years. For countless hours in a week they are glued to the WWF/WCW/ECW combimed show. Which has all the strings pulled by one man. Good old Uncle Vinnie. Hardcore Wrestling was the bread and butter of Indy Wrestling, well so much for that the WWF worked that into thier program with all the big fanfare they do everything with.

What about subjects that the WWF hasn't touched on, is it really that far off. Sex, Violence, Blood can be pushed farther. Just watch them. How far can they go. Well more and more people are getting sattilite dishes, tons of cable progams. Have you seen the programs on the cable stations. The word fuck has become an everyday conjuntive word. Nudity, both hetro and homosexual ia common place, violence, blood and gore is everywhere. Wrestling has for a large part always needed shock value, what can you shock them with. Throw it out the window, it's gone.

Hold on there is still hope for the Indies. Not everyone buys in to the commercial mainstream puke. Thier is still people who are unconventional. I don't buy Nike, just because everyone else does. Many people don't allow themselves to be sucked into the sheep mentality. Terry Joe Silverspoon, doesn't watch WWF very often. It clouds my vision of the local business, I refuse to allow myself to be to influenced by it's effects. Don't get the wrong idea, I am not saying be ignorant to the world or the wrestling mainstream. Just that too much can have an adverse effect on how you do things. If you attempt to be original a lot of people are going to crap all over you, maybe so much you become a big rib. That doesn't matter, fuck them. It's better to fail being original with original concepts then being middle of the fucking road. Taking the risks to be different and original you just might hit the right nitch. Reminding me of the bumper sticker. WHY BE NORMAL.

Oh some advice to the Greenhorns and a few workers who maybe so inclined. Stop getting up from finishing moves that are done in the mainstream, if you were more superstar then the guys on top, then by God you would be there. Have some respect. Thats the kind of shit that kills the business. Big spotfest wrestling is good for oh'a and ah's but there is still people in the seats, don't ignore them. There is a lot more to wrestling then just what your doing inside those ring ropes. You want to hear the big pops learn how to control the fans, not the fans controlling you. What spotfest do you need next to get thier approval, breaking your fucking neck. If you think the business is going to look after you when your a cripple you better examine it a little closer.

Well I'm way of my subject. Sorry for all the way out in left field stuff. What I really like to say is that I wish everyone the best in the year to come. I hope we can all compete fairly in the year to come with a minimum of back stabbing and name calling.

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