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Step in to my Ring of Knowledge
by Ric Drasin on 2001-11-12

I was just reading some articles on old school vs. new school wrestling and feel I need to make this comment.

I am strictly 'Old School' starting when I began in 1965. Too many people exposed the business which was really damaging. Today's wrestlers aren't qualified to wrestle. If they had to think on their own in a tight spot, they wouldn't be able to call the match and move on. They rarely tell a story which is what Old School is based on. This is what educated the fans to be belivevers. And I disagree with one thing. IT still is a family event. I have a 10 year old daughter and I know most of the parents who are dragged out to matches with their kids. I run the AWF shows at schools, which is mainly a family event and I gear my shows towards that making sure every match has about 80% old school involved. You can't go over the line at these events because the schools will never have you back. So, it's back to old school.

The biggest thing on any match is to convice the fans of what you are doing is real. How can you do that with one high spot after another and no one selling that they've been hurt. Most of the match is about selling, whether you are giving or receiving. Otherwise it's just a gymnastic's match. I prefer to call the match as I go and feel the beat of the fans. This way you can control them by crowd psychology which the new wrestlers no little to nothing about. A comedian works in the same manner. He may have a routine worked out but if the audience dies, he has to switch gears in the middle. IF your high spots aren't making it, then you must be able to call it from there.

One more thing about the newer generation is they do not look like wrestlers and I'm not even going to get into the fact that they are not trained correctly.

When I got in the business, I was a top class bodybuilder winning many titles. I was told to gain more weight. Hell, I already weighed 215. But they wanted me to look like a wrestler, not a bodybuilder that would break in half. So, I packed it on and went to 235. Today's wrestler is lucky if they are 175 soaking wet. How about a little more time in the gym instead of wearing shirts to cover your body. This business is about selling skin also. People want to see guys who look like athletes not skinny kids. It'll put you over much better if you think of it in those terms.

All of this is Old School mentality. This worked then and will work now, you just have to apply it. Remember my fellow wrestlers from the early years and myself, layed the ground work and respect. It's up to you newer wrestlers to carry that torch and keep the respect going.

If you don't respect yourself and the business, and keep a Kayfabe, then no one will respect you. And if you can't do that, then you are not mature enough to be in it.

Same goes for you internet 'marks' who are armchair experts. Get off your ass and get in the ring. Since you are such great critics, lets see what you can do. My ring is open to any of you at any time.

Catch me here

I welcome the students who are serious.

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