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Moondog Manson
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Moondog Bites
by Moondog Manson on 2001-11-13

Well this one is a shocker and some thing totally out of the blue. I some how am booked to work shots for ECCW. This is odd for several reasons. Mostly I have up until a few days ago sworn to never work for them ever again. Secondly I see lots of things wrong with ECCW. Now most credit for this change in my frame of mind goes to Terry Joe Silverspoon and also The Smooth Criminal. I am surprised how this has come about so quickly.

It all started back about 6 weeks ago, There was a major miscommunication between my self and the ASW booker. Which was amplified by know it alls that made the situation worst. Had the booker and I just talked things would have been resolved quicker. But these greenhorns with possibly a combined total of worked shows being around zero kept saying this, and saying that…which were mostly half truths and some basically just their personal opinion. My self and the ASW booker are on the same page and have been for quite some time now. It was a silly situation on both our parts.

But in the middle of this I got fed up and decided if they wanted to make sure I was in ring shape I was going do it my way. I am a firm believer that if you have ring rust the best way to get rid of it is to work shows in front of crowds. Sure wrestlers go to the ring and train from time to time…but the ideal thing to do is work shots…we who have been around the business for several years realize if we really want learn a new move, we will do it before the show when the ring is set up.

Well ASW wanted me to go to their training schools at least a couple of times before a show. I can’t see this being beneficial to me at all for the simple reason of time constraints. Well My solution is go to ECCWs’ HoP and work a match then speed out to my bouncing Job at Studio 54. I didn’t figure I would get to wrestle simply because I knew Starr wouldn’t like it. But I was in luck…they were totally short wrestlers and I worked the show. I was pretty much told by Silverspoon (though he wanted me back) I could come out the next week. So this working HoP shows was dead in the water. Or so I thought.

Now the ASW booker had called and confirmed my December 8th Appearance in Abbotsford, BC and told me I might (no confirmation on this) wanted for the November 24th Show in Cloverdale, BC.

Well a few days ago Michelle Starr calls me and wants to bury the hatchet. Now in all honesty…no matter how many problems Starr and I cause for each other…we are like brothers. We just fight way to much. I really did enjoy my first few years working for Starr but things started to change and we seemed more distant then ever. When he called it sound like the same old Starr I broke in to the business with. This is The Starr I respect, and the Starr I love like a brother.

Starr Has booked me for 4 shots in November alone. 22, 23, 24 on Vancouver Island, and the 30th in North Vancouver.

Both ASW and ECCW have no hard feelings towards me working for the other promotion. In fact this makes me one of the better paid wrestlers out here since I don’t need to travel to work shots, and I know there will be website work done for both promotions. I want to do nothing but make wrestling a success, with that all the boys will have work and possibly make a living at wrestling in the North West.

The boys have to cut out the BS and back stabbing and start to work together. It is the only way we all will survive. We don’t have to like each other, don’t have to talk to each other…but what must be done is respect each other. Once respect comes full circle we all will be better off. I am at the point I am fed up, a rib is a rib but blatant disrespect won’t happen around me with out consequences. Things definitely have to change and I thing Both the ECCW and ASW offices realize the boys need to be treated differently then they have in the past year.

To many of the younger guys have no respect for guys who have worked a hell of a lot more. I see to many green horns who worked 20 matches think thing they have the right to an opinion. Well in all honesty you do, but you don’t have the right to have it heard. You all need to sit back and work hard, when you work hard it impresses the guys who you need to impress, and that is when they take you under their wing.

A prime example is Disco Fury, he had a big mouth on him and he almost got slapped out more then once. I took him under my guidance and smartened him up. I knew he had potential. Hell the guy even made it over seas and I have yet to. That says a lot. That means he respected and impressed the right people there. That is some thing he learned from me.

In closing all I can say is I hope my ideas for ASW & ECCW benefit both companies, we really do need to get every thing going strong.

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