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My ramblings
by Jodie Williams on 2001-12-03

Has anyone else seen the correlation between The King coming back to the WWF and the womanís division taking a nosedive back into hell? While I will admit that Lawler has his moments, But the other 95% of the times that I see, or better yet, hear him, he just grates on my nerves. I would somehow like to start a petition to get Paul Heyman back to the commentary table, he can call a match just as well as Lawler, but without the perverted horn dog attitude that brought us ďpuppiesĒ and wonít let us forget it. Now this leads to the womanís division part of my question. I get the strong feeling that Lawler has been given the booking rights to this division, because there is no other way to explain sudden backslide of quality in these matches, the day of his return to be precise. At Survivor Series, they gave us an excellent womanís match for the recently resurrected title with some of the best female competitors that they have to offer on the roster. I like the fact that Trish Stratus won, and sheís the one with the least training out of the lot of them. I find that she has improved tenfold since sheís entered the WWF several years ago.

Now that womanís belt is on an active wrestler again, the WWF has several excellent female wrestlers in which to keep the belt defended on a regular basis, what do they decide to give us after getting our hope up for a viable division? A gravy bowl match on Thanksgiving, thatís what! As if that wasnít enough to piss me off, on Thursday, they have a bra and panties match. I know they donít have competition on their level any more, but if matches continue on this road, menís and womenís matches, very little of what the WWF can do will keep the fans from changing the channel and not come back.

Now, while that Iím thinking of womenís matches, I would like to see Buffy vs. Madison at the next ECCW Nanaimo show. Buffy has shown us on several occasions what an excellent wrestler she is, and Madison showed us that, despite how well she did at the last show, she is only going to improve more over time. That, and it would be funny to see the look on my friends sonís face when he sees Madison, whom he has a crush on, and the lovely Buffy. I donít think his 7-year-old heart would be able to take it.

Oh yeah, speaking of the next time ECCW is in town, Manson, I donít know if you and Dan will be allowed in the movie store again after your attempts at wooing the pretty clerks last time you were here.

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