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What is a Mark?
by Ric Drasin on 2001-12-05

In essence, we are all ‘Marks’ in some form. When we go to a movie, aren’t we marks for the film and the actors? We know it’s not real and it’s special effects, but we are taken in by the story and the visual and we want to believe that it’s real for those two hours of sitting.

What about Football, Basketball, Baseball? Those people are called ‘fans’, but aren’t they really ‘Marks?” I think so! What about Concerts with Rock Groups? There are ‘fans’ and there are ‘groupies.” But are they ‘Marks?” Yep!

Anytime we are involved in something of interest and we are a ‘Fan’ of it, we are a ‘Mark’ in some form.

There are people who admire Policemen, Firemen, Military, etc. These people hero worship to some degree to fulfill their dreams as it’s something that maybe they wanted to do with their lives.

There is really nothing wrong with that. Marks are die-hard fans that will fight for you and defend you and build your self-esteem and promote you. In every sport and in wrestling, you need marks. These are the mainstay of any business. They are the supporters and without them, you have nothing.

Now here’s another little tidbit. I guarantee you that every wrestler that you see today on TV, with the WWF or any other federation at one time prior was a “Mark” Triple H, Steve Austin, Big Show, etc., etc. They were all ‘marks.’ They just didn’t decide one day to become a Wrestler. They had to grow up watching it, getting involved, having favorites, and then pursued it and made it a reality. They all had someone that they looked up to and developed their style from that person.

It says right on Superstar Graham’s website that he was in ‘awe’ of Pat Patterson and his work as a heel and how he could piss off the fans. He patterned his work after him. So, basically he was a ‘mark’ for Pat.

Then you have the ‘Internet Marks’ who just sit at their computers and hack away at tearing everyone down. I don’t consider these real ‘marks.’ These are more destructive people who like to pass time just rambling and creating chaos with little to no knowledge of the business. They don’t do the business any good other than it keeps wrestlers names out there. Good or Bad publicity doesn’t matter as long as people are talking about you.

But as I said, the Internet Marks are destructive. It’s the real ringside ‘marks’ that help the business.

The word ‘Mark’ is from the Carney Business or Carnival as you know it. Barkers or people at booths try to rope you in to hit the 3 dolls with a baseball. Making you believe you can do it. They consider you a mark, or a sucker for the business they sell you.

Wrestling originated in the Carney as a sideshow. They either had two wrestlers or people from the audience wrestle their wrestler. The audience person was planted there and no one knew the difference. OF course they were all ‘marks’ watching. Believers in what was going on.

So, today when we work a show and we see the marks, we are only trying to sell to them our story and make them believers. We want them there, and we want to convince them of what we do is real. Remember that and next time you call someone a ‘mark’, shake their hand and thank them for their support.

Now, take a look inside of you. What are you a ‘mark’ for? Huuuhhhh?

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