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Mangler's Memoirs:The 3-point turn pt 2 and we found Val!
by Marcus Madison on 2001-12-11

This weeks edition of the memoirs is part two of our the third quarter review of the world of "wrasslin". So where were we...oh yes. As we left off the WWF has mis-utilized it's talent, fired off a few angles that just did not have any direction, and I believe literally lost some talent. Where is Val? This last question that I am asking is not so much that I really care it is just that if, the WWF continues to utilize their current roster the way they have Val Venis then, they will all be causalities of war.

The Angle Angle...Angle'

I have looked at the recent turn of Kurt and think....alright so what? I ask this because as a heel before his mic work was the same as it is now, no change in character, no direction of character and most of all no edge. The only thing going for the entire "turn" by Kurt was "betrayal". Really now, are fans so gullible as to believe that Kurt really betrayed, "them", his "country" and the WWF. The last time I checked weren't all these guys collecting the same pay check from Big daddy Vince. So where is the drama? I forgot it was saved for Booker's mama! Angle, needs an edge. I don't know lets see lets what can we do to make him over ?Throw a mask on him, tell the fans he used to play football(like fans really care about that stuff) and call him "The Patriot"...No, I think so that has probably already been done. How about we dress him up in a plaid skirt, give him a set of bagpipes and call him the "icon". No, that's been done. I know we could dress him up like a movie character based on a comic book, throw a black crow on his shoulder ask a wrestler to use that gimmick to death and has not spoken a word on television for a year(like this was suppose to mean something) and then give it to Kurt. That's it we will call him "Steve Borden". Fans will eat that stuff up. The other alternative is leaving his character to die a horrible death and "pull a Val Venis". Or we can use the "mole theory" as though his time with the alliance was actually some covert operation...nah, no one will by it!

PPV, no not RVD or KGB, MIA, ABC or YMCA it's PPV....alright Madison now shut up!

The pay per views have been oh how can I be so polite as to say CRAP! The most recent pay per view was outside of Survivor Series, was Unforgiven. The name of the event never did it any favors either. How could we forgive the WWF? for doing this to us. The main event between Austin, Angle and RVD was a shambles. The match was a blur, came and went so quickly I thought the WWF's was pulling a Val Venis right in front of my eyes. The Rock and Jericho well it was predictable from the belief that everything that was leading up to a Jericho victory became inevitable. Before this was No Mercy right...and after watching it I wish the company had some mercy on the paying public. I thought watching the event would allow me to reflect on a real "catches-catch-can" style of competition. Can you detect a slight tone of sarcasm in my voice? These guys disappoint and why because...they CAN. I am sorry to say but these boys are ripping off the paying public. They may be acting this way probably if there is no other show in town, stealing from the pockets of the working class is alright. Greedy pricks! These guys are acting like they are the beginning, middle and ending ot wrestling and since there is no competition, so why not disappoint I guess? If any event was actually worth watching Survivor series was it. Fans all saw the heel turn of Jericho coming on faster than fat man falling behind in a pasta eating contest. Scary really, how much a fat guy can make up so much ground!

Free Willy! not here to many people are watching and pull up that zipper, damm it!

Alright William Regal's turn actually surprised me. I know I am sounding like a naive and gullible fan(probably because I am) but his turn caught me completely off guard. It made sense for a couple of reasons, people never saw it coming (like Kurt's turn only his turn was because he didn't trust the Rock and Jericho, like that's never been used before) and his role of commissioner in the WWF was in jeopardy because Foley was on his way back into the company. So the next logical step was to turn him heel. I am looking forward to a feud between Tajiri and Regal hopefully shortly. A real battle of technique, skill and most of all I get to hopefully Torrie do the hand spring-back elbow off the ropes. (Note, after I made this remark wrestling was not really important only seeing Torrie upside down was) Sorry, guys my minds tends to wonder there I was in a bit of a daze. Regal's heel turn right.

End of an era: The Alliance um...2001?

This is kind of silly when we think about. Let's parade the history of the company at the beginning of a PPV and acknowledge all of the legends of wrestling...that are dead and neglect everyone that made the company an empire. Hogan, Savage, Piper, Hart etc were without a doubt the jedi masters in McMahon's epic battle for supremacy. In my opinion the venerable swan song that was well sung and sung well mind you is the Heyman shoot/script segment on Smack down just before Survivor Series? whatever it is who cares it was well done. If the script did anything it echoed the belief of several fans. In the early nineties, unlike my American counterparts our only exposure to ecw was in newsstand publications of wrestling magazine. Can you believe it? and I am still alive to tell the tale...

So what do we look forward to..for 2002. The possibilities are endless. The Informer will report that a "mysterious" hand puppet will rein supreme as the next commissioner of the company. Fans will acknowledge the tremendous birthing hips of "Mighty Molly" and her ability to possibly procreate the next live action hero....who's in with with that? and Val Venis will be located in the hwa...wrestling under the alias of another missing competitor "Bull Buchanan".

Marcus Madison...Rambling through the madness?

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