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Moondog Manson
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Moondog Bites
by Moondog Manson on 2001-12-13

Well I know it has been awhile since I last wrote one of these. Now it is just trying to find the time. I have more then enough to talk about. In fact I have about 5 shows of info to ram down your throat. Where to start, how about a few weeks back when I made my return to Vancouver Island for ECCW.

It all started out with me going out drinking the night before the trip. I managed to walk into Sonar in downtown Vancouver. The joys of me going drinking with my bad brain is I hardly take any thing to get loaded. I realize this place on a Wednesday night is Thug night. It isn’t a scary place but my advice is if you are prone to causing problems, don’t do it here. When the bar closes I manage to get lost from the group I am with, after several calls back and forth I manage to find them. Now before we leave the area I manage to head butt the trunk of a taxi cab. Thankfully the cab driver wasn’t in sight.

My buddy declares we are going to an internet café. It is some whole in the wall $1.50 an hour Korean joint. So I am drunk, eating Kimchi Noodle soup, cruising the internet. Now if you know my buddy you realize he isn’t very computer literate but he has a new found love in the internet. We are with this gorgeous Ukrainian girl who is sitting next to us. I realize “hey she obviously is an internet chatter since she is in the Yahoo chat”. I log into the Yahoo chat and proceed to harass her playfully, this was all fun and games until we realized one of the other girls in the chat was using voice chat and she was two rows over in the yahoo chat room. At this point I started my “I can see you” conversation with the other girl, turns out though she was a very rude girl and was acting all tough towards me. I didn’t do to much drunken forum posting from the internet joint.

At about 7am I left and got a ride out to the meeting place in Surrey to hook up with the wrestlers to go on the road. Now one think I totally notice right off the bat, Michelle Starr and I had more experience between the two of us then the whole van full of jabronies. This how ever is a good thing. This means I can terrorize them fully. My first to targets were Scotty Mac and Kittie. Now since they are different genders they got bugged differently. Scotty received the “Why the fuck do I keep hearing a kid talking” when ever he would talk from the back seat. Kittie got the “I am gonna make you my on the road girlfiend and violate you like a real man would” treatment. Scotty laughed it off. Kittie got scared.

Now lets take a side note here. Scotty took the ribbing right, Kittie did not. See had she just took the ribbing and smiled I would of left her alone. Instead she got it harder. I smartened her up after a day or two and she was cool with it.

Now the next three days we pretty basic, bad houses thanks to the economy. I worked two matches on each show. One being a hardcore match up against a Puerto Rican (which is my name for him) and the other being a 6 man tag. All three shows were very solid. The Ladies Choice and I ended up being on the same end of the tag match…I had a blast tagging with him. I plan on doing it some time in the future, some where…maybe in a land far away.

In the middle of this tour I managed the first Annual “Buffet with the Moondog” in Nanaimo. I managed to eat buffet with Dan Titus, Jodie Williams, and Sam Halsall (all being writers and fans of mine). We started I off fine with Michelle Starr Dropping me off at the wrong location. After a quit pick up by Jodie I started to eat at the buffet. Now there is some hot hot hot sexy looking girls working at this joint. Unfortunately the one serving my table got hot at me and refused to serve me.

See I start to promote the show for that night in Duncan. The guy working there said he already had tickets. The girl said she was busy and had to work. I asked her where and she said at a night club. I asked which one and then asked if she had ever gone to Studio 54 in New West (I bounce here), She heels and says “No I go to real clubs”. I at this point feel a little insulted and Rib her, totally nothing major but she got offended and when she left she told the guy to start serving us because she won’t. She claims she was insulted, well excuse me ho bag, you insulted me first.

Next was our little trip to the video store. Sam says to me while Jodie is off doing some thing in the car “lets go into the Porn section”. I tried to refuse but Dan pushed me in there. I saw some interesting titles and such, one box look like the best of sex cages matches but I am sure the cage on the cover was just for looks. Dan and I also find out hitting on Girls who work at Video stores is more fun then Subway girls, Video store girls work less. We did manage to get shot down several times, but I flashed my boxers to them to show them who is boss.

That was pretty much all the excitement for the tour, except the retards from Duncan. This is a note for all you jealous Boyfriends. Wrestlers are entertainers and with that standing we must interact with people. If your Girlfriend wants to talk to one of us, we will, just like if your little brother/friends/Mothers/Fathers want to. Now I will admit your brother/friends/Mothers/Fathers don’t get wet vagina’s over the wrestler like some of your Girlfriends might, but in any event it isn’t our faults so get mad at your girlfriends. Also If I end up forcing my hands on your throat, it usually is due to self defense, so give up the idea of threatening me with a lawsuit.

Now with the last week end rounding out the 5 shows, I worked for ASW in Abbotsford and ECCW at Silvercity before a WWF PPV. The Abby show was a solid show, but yet again it is the curse of the Bible Belt. To many religious people and not enough willing to support the evils of Pro Wrestling. I was booked in a First Blood match with the booker Fabulous Fabio, the match went very well since the building was cold not burning hot like the last time in Abby. The match was the way I like it “Stiff”. Now probably the highlight of the match was Leatherface doing the run in. He hit me with a bunch of Chairshots, and the boys in the back were feeling them. The one I took to the back was described as “the sickest chairshot I have ever seen”, it was bad but I doubt it was the sickest. I say sure it will hurt but just do it…the pop is worth it and the pain and the marks go away in a few days. I have to admit this was the first time I had the outline of a steel chair on my back.

The next day I worked at a Movie theatre for ECCW. The benefits of these shows is the free food and WWF PPV on the big screen. I tagged with Prince Allidiin against the Puerto Rican and Wrathchild, the match went very well.

Well that’s about it for now. I am sure I will have some thing else to say in the future.

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