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by Dan Titus on 2001-12-20

Not even three weeks in, and Chris Jericho is already looking like a weak champion. Two days after becoming "Undisputed Champion" at Vengeance,he does the job in a tag match to RVD. A few days later, he loses by DQ to RVD again. Does the WWF have any interest in building him up to be a credible(And thus, hopefully, a ratings drawing) champ? If they don't do this right, it's not going to seem meaningful when he does drop the strap.

The Steve Austin/Booker T angle has been funny so far, but what good does it do Booker? I don't feel they've done anything to make it appear as if he is a threat to Austin in any way. When these guys clash on a PPV, they have to make it look like Booker could potentially go over, which they haven't done.

Hey, did you know that this column has its own valet? Thats right, she valets for Real Action Wrestling out in the Maritimes, and she's going to be contributing this space...well, whenever she damn well pleases. So here, with the first edition of "Call of the Wild" is Cathy "The Wildgirl" Yetman:

A Wrestling Promoter's Obligations:

Every wrestling promoter has a long list of obligations towards his company. Aside from the obvious jobs that come hand in hand with the decision to run your own wrestling company, there is one that stands out to me. One that is all too often over looked. It seems that some wrestling promoters seem to ignore the fact that professionalism on their part should always be put first and foremost. When you start a wrestling promotion you wave any right you have to personal vendettas. You no longer have the luxury of being able to speak your mind on whatever you want whenever it strikes your fancy. What you should be thinking about at all times is how your actions will effect the reputation of your company, and that of your wrestlers. Now I know a lot of wrestling promoters are guilty at over looking this important job, and I really think it is a terrible thing.

This past weekend I got the chance to witness first hand what happens when a wrestling promoter does not put his company in front of his own selfish emotions. Myself and a friend of mine made the 4 hour trip from Cape Breton NS to Sheet Harbour NS to take in a Mainstream Wrestling show. We had never gotten the chance to take one in before, and being friends with their two top guys, Lincoln Steen and Jeremiah Delinquent, we decided we wanted to go see what they were all about. We arrived a little late to the show because of road conditions, and sat down to enjoy the show. We were impressed with what we saw for the most part, Lincoln and JDL really impressed us, showing why they are two of the top young talent in eastern Canada. There were some lesser points like one of their wrestlers working the right instead of the left, and some blatant spot calling all throughout one of the matches, but all in all a good effort. Once the show was over we were sitting down talking with Lincoln and another friend of ours when the MSW promoter, Devin Chittick, approached us. He then proceeded to call us down and tell us that if we did not like his show that we could get the fuck o building. This came as a shock to everyone sitting there. I questioned what he was talking about, and he proceeded to explain that the MSW ring announcer told him that we had been badmouthing the show, and complaining that we drove all the way from Cape Breton to see it. This was a false statement, and I informed him of that. He however continued his ranting and stormed off to the dressing room.

I was in complete shock after this occurred, I couldn't believe that he would stoop to being so petty and unprofessional. Even if we had made the comments he accused us of, we paid our $8 to see the show, and any fan who does so has every right in the world to their opinion on the show. Over the course of the past nine months I've gotten to know Real Action Wrestling owners Warren Olsen and Brian Marchand pretty well. After seeing their constant professionalism I think it caused me to be in even worse shock upon Mr. Chittick's reactions. I could never picture them approaching a fan after a Real Action Wrestling show, and tell them not so nicely that if they didn't like the show, they can leave. I understand that a promoter would be very emotionally connected to their product, but if two fans did not like the show, this is not cause for them to have a public outburst in this manner.

When you run a company the way Mr. Chittick does, you have to think constantly about what's best for your company and your wrestlers. You should do your best to make sure that you maintain a good reputation. he does not have the privilege of mouthing off about whatever he wants whenever he wants, because he should be thinking of what effect these things can have on MSW at all times. There is simply no room for your own petty ego to get in the way of that. On a personal note I cannot remember the last time I was so insulted by someone's actions towards me. Apparently just because I'm involved with RAW, I must be out to ruin MSW.

Upon telling the story of what happened to someone they responded in a manner that I think sums it all up. They simply shook their heads and said "And he wonders why MSW has a bad name". Mainstream Wrestling has been faced with accusations of being a glorified backyard fed since it's opening in 2000. When their promoter cannot behave in a manner above that of a backyard teenager putting on shows in his Mommy's basement, this speaks volumes for a promotion. I feel a lot of pity for those involved in Mainstream Wrestling, because they are all being hurt by Mr. Chittick's actions. This is just one example of many instances when he's let his true colors show. I don't know any of the other workers in MSW personally aside from Lincoln Steen and JDL, but if these two in any way represent the rest of the talent, they should all remove themselves from any association with Devin and his promotion. Steen and JDL are class acts all the way, they have a lot of respect for the business, as well as talent. They have all the promise in the world to go places in this business. Why should they be held back by an immature promoter? MSW had gained a lot of respect from me over the past year, it seemed as though they were really trying to get out there and make a good name for themselves. However, upon seeing the way MSW's promoter has behaved in the past few months, MSW and Mr. Chittick have lost the respect of myself and many others. I think it's a shame that his workers need to pay for his mistakes. If I could offer one piece of advice to Mr. Chittick, all personal feelings aside, it would be to step back and think about the effect his actions will have in the future. Maybe he can fix the damage he has caused so far.

Thanks for contributing that, Cathy. Hope to hear more from you in the future.And for those of you questioning why I need a valet,shut up.

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