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Mama warned you about me.
by Dan Titus on 2001-12-31

Allow me to make something very clear, so as not to have any misunderstanding. Matter of fact,bring your beady little eyes as close to the screen as they can get. I will only say this once:

Today is Dec 31st, and if you have bid anyone goodbye by using the words "See ya next year!", I want you to take a deep and richly deserved bow,because you are a stupid fucking asshole, and nothing short of castration with a hot butterknife is a suitable punishment. What's the deal? Do you think you're some sort of brilliant goddamn wit? No, you should be forced to carry around a videotape of yourself committing this atrocity, and by federal law, you will have to show it to every woman you're trying to convince to have sex with you. See? I should be focusing right now on making 2002 the best it can possibly be, but as always, I have to take time out to sort things out because a few assholes want to mess up the system. The people partying in Times Square this year, recieve a pass.That city deserves a night of fun.

Yeah, I'm in the pity stage of the flu, so everyone suffers.

Ok, far be it for me to complain about a Xmas gift, because this year, I got everything I wanted, and gave a lot of gifts too. But,memo to my sister: Yeah, you have two beautiful kids, my nephew and niece,of course. And it is always a joy to visit with them. However, I gotta tell you...Giving me "Wallet size" pics is a I mean, in order for me to carry them in my wallet, I would need to exert the effort required to buy a new one, the old one looks really bad. I can't display them in my room, because pics of toddlers are ill fitting with my motif of Playboy centrefolds and KISS posters. I'm putting you on warning: You better make good next Xmas, or you are going to unwrap an 8x10 of my fat naked ass. My brothers said they all got the same gift. So perhaps you'll get a pic of all five brothers baring their asses. It would be rather symbolic of my family.

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