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Manson, post this...
by Dan Titus on 2002-01-30

I'm really not sure if this column will be worth the ten minutes work I'm going to put into it, but C'est le vie. Why am I telling yo this? Because I have the password for posting and you don't.

The WWF put up a pretty decent show this week, making up for what some would say is a letdown, as there was no NWO appearance. This really is the last trump card the promotion has to play for a long time. I mean,they botched the Invasion angle, what else do they have left? If this bombs, wrestling is going to hit a long dry spell, such as when Vince Mcmahon's vaunted genius opted to take 1991 to early 1997 off.

The(Expected)return of Hulk Hogan to the WWF roster is sure to create at least a spark, good or bad. But what is Hogan expecting out of this? Is he going to air guitar his way into things and expect guys like HHH,The Rock, or Steve Austin to just let him push them aside? It's not going to happen, but Hogan needs to be made to look equal to these guys in the ring(although he is far from it) or he'll be relegated to nostalgia act. Back when I first started watching wrestling, in '84 or '85, I was as big a Hogan mark as anybody, but the years have taken away a great deal of Hogan's lustre. This guy has taken most of the last two years off, and I'm sure he hasn't gotten better,just older.

Getting back to the WWF's current top dogs, they may respect the fact that Hogan helped pave the way for them to earn the kind of money they do, but that does not automatically translate into wanting to give up the limelight they worked for. The Undertaker may have been Hogan's whipping boy in '91, but he's earned a lot of respect during the last 11 years,its a whole new ballgame.

I think a lot of WWF fans share my opinion that it's time to start building the next generation of stars, not going back to something that may be better left in the past.

RVD continues the most uneven push I have ever seen. First, he defeats IC champ Regal in under two minutes on Smackdown. On Raw,they go to a lame DQ finish. I know a lot of people don't put much stock in PWI,but RVD was voted most popular by a decent margin. So you figure, its no secret the guy is over, they would push him to something good.It seems like the whole thing is going into reverse.Why not try to find some sort of hot angle for this guy, as he just seems to drift from mini-feud to mini-feud? The WWF has wasted a lot of good talent over the last year. Lets not add RVD to the list.

Very good video package on RAW this week, featuring some of the all time legends, Sammartino, Snuka, Andre, countless others. Thats why its important for the WWF to capitalize on my box set idea from a few weeks ago. I eagerly await my history lesson.

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