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by Dan Titus on 2002-02-05

Ok,lets call the Super Bowl what it really is-An excuse for drunken men to pass vile amounts of methane into the atmosphere and rest in the knowledge that it's the only day in the year their women will allow it to be conducted with impunity. And for once the game didn't suck. Lets count our blessings. A little Taco Time in the afternoon and special cheeseburgers at night promised my butt would become a veritable symphony by midnight.

But enough about my ass. Well, for now, anyway.I'm going to the Queen's Hotel in town tomorrow night to see a KISS tribute show, so my thoughts are more focused on "Deuce" and "Black Diamond" as opposed to wrestling, but lets try.

So the Stephanie pregnancy angle has begun. I don't really think the fans that dislike Steph have been nearly loud enough. I was watching Smackdown the other night and she was about to start an interview segment with Jim Ross, and I just couldn't take it anymore. I switched over to MadTV until I was positive the segment was done. How bad is that? Her cat like screeching and poor acting drove me to [i]MadTV[/i]. The booking team has to know how a lot of viewers react to her. So, the WWF has now gone with the great idea of giving viewers a double helping of stuff they don't want. I see her on my TV, and I instantly cringe. Maybe this is some weird scheme to prop up MadTV ratings. I wonder if she's going to give birth to a giant rubber hand?. Nah, no one would ever subject their viewers to that kinda crap.

I don't think RVD feuding with Goldust will be that bad. If nothing else,it should be an interesting clash of personalities. They just need to try and figure out some reason for Goldust to be attacking RVD in the first place.

Jazz defeats Trish Stratus for the women's title. I still say they should have done this at the Royal Rumble. With the impending invasion of the NWO, and Steph still the center of attention, the womens title is a pot destined for the back burner.

I really found myself wishing they had left this whole NWO thing as a bit of a surprise to the non-internet fan. There's still two weeks till the No Way Out PPV, which gives fans two weeks to really decide if they have in interest in the revamped NWO or not. If they had kept it as close to the vest as possible,they could have been a surprise on the PPV, and spiked ratings for the Raw on the following night.

Putting the three idiots on the TitanTron was stupid too. They looked like the jerks who make stupid faces at you in store windows, not a force to be reckoned with. In that regard, they look like the backyard wrestling nerds who've invaded Manson's message board.

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