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Moondog Manson
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Team Unity
by Moondog Manson on 2002-04-22

Well the big stink about my previous articles seems to be over and done with. I think I proved a point and stirred up enough feelings, that now we can start getting back to the way things need to be for us all to succeed. Some of you still disagree with me, which is fine, but I will be using a more civil manor to talk to every one so my point gets across stronger.

See one thing most Indy feds seem to lack now is Team Unity. Why is there a lack of this we can speculate on a number of factors ranging from too many egos, a few to many wannabe workers, even bad judgement by local offices. These things can easily be fixed, I think they should and urge every one to take a serious look at article.

I think the first think that needs to be done starts with the boys. We are all Indy wrestlers, and need to support each other. Wrestling has and always will have backstabbing and dueling personalities, but that should be no excuse as to why the boys can’t be a team. I think most recently the actions of a lot of the younger guys choosing to stick together as their own team rather then a complete team has helped the demise of the way things used to be.

I remember a time I would go on the road, with guys I loved like family and guys I had personal issues with. We would go on the road and make the most of it. If I had issues with a person I wouldn’t let that get in the way of talking to them, hanging out with them, rooming with them. All of these things were done on a professional level, I treated them like they were one of the boys…they were, and at no time would I think of them any less. We were always honest about not liking each other on a personal level, but on the professional level we respected each other.

Unfortunately the business has changed, and this respect has been on a dropping level. There has been times and always will be times where stories come out about this or about that, there is nothing wrong with them as long as they are warranted and not personal attacks done out of hate. A prime example would be if such and such Promoter ripped off so and so, that’s a legit story to be told, and people to be warned. But how about when you voice your opinion on some one just because you dislike them? Keep your opinion to your self or amongst the boys. Leave it to the 20-year vets to speak up, for now we will just enjoy the business.

Just a few years ago I remember being on the road as a family. Guys like Starr, Juggernaut, Kozina, Torch, Beckett, Stu Kemp, The Midget, Strife, Myself and many others. We were on the road and for the most part got along, even with the people we disliked. We changed up roommates from time to time. I had a blast so did the boys listening to the Manson/Starr fart-a-thons in our sleep, and then the ritual 7am shoot in the room. I miss When Juggernaut and I got our own beds simply because the thunderous snoring would keep the rest of the crew awake, those were also great 4 litres of water instead of the bar nights. Torch (now know as Adam Firestorm) and I had a blast chipping in for our extra room just so we could get some quiet.

There were countless nights I spent in the same bed with a retarded cuddling midget, but hey the times were fun so that’s all that matters. If I could rewind the hands of time back to 98/99 I would do so. I have endless memories some funny (Like the time I witness the infamous 2:39 in Williams lake between Larry Zitbisco and Gruesome Annie) and other retarded but time passing incidents (Juggernaut and I singing the blues on the way back from Oregon). The boys need to start working as a team again.

There is a simple formula, the rookies need to start being more friendly to the 5 year vets, the vets need to be friendly with the 10 year vets, and every one needs to listen to the knowledge of the 20 year vets. I don’t care if you don’t like me, it doesn’t matter, nor does it matter how I feel about you…all that matters is we go into the show as a team…and leave as a team.

The boys need to work our frustration from time to time; we always found amusing ways of doing so. Some times things got pretty heated but we generally tried to stick to the professional route. I think the greatest invention for stress release was “Wild Ball”. It was a simple game; we found abandoned volleyballs or soccer balls and used them as an athletic game of combat.

The whole concept of Wild Ball was to kick the ball at every one else and try to hit them to hurt them. Some guys got it worse then others (Like Disco and Stu Kemp), and other guys were amazing at avoiding it. I will admit I was the first man to ever bleed off the Wild Ball, but the Man with the first KO was Stu Kemp (I believe this one incident made wild ball the sport for us to release our anger on each other). We would try to kick the crap out of each other with a ball, no fists, and no words, just a ball.

This Friday I will be showing up in Surrey, I plan on finally seeing disco and talking to him (haven’t in months). I plan on talking to Jim Neidhart, last time it was cut short by a serious injury. I plan on having a hell of a match with the Backwoods Militia. I plan on ribbing Black Dragon to death about my missing hotel room key, long story. I plan on being a pervert with the girls, hell even with the guys. I also plan on ribbing Canuck and Starr about having a shitting work rate, I plan on pointing out to Starr he trained me when he tells me I am worse then him. I PLAN TO BE ONE OF THE BOYS.

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