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Moondog Manson
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Moondog Bites
by Moondog Manson on 2002-05-08

Well I am in the process of moving, it is that horrid thing we all must do several times in our life time. I personally feel that if I could afford it I would burn every thing and start fresh to avoid actually moving shit from place to place. Well in all honesty I was supposed to have move last week end, but thanks to sleeping in and friends who don't asnwer phones I am attempting it this week end. It is nice moving to where I am. It will give me a lot more privacy and allow me to expand on my cooking skills. Not only that but it is also seemingly a cool place to live in the summer facing the North, we all know how fat guys like me can't stand heat. So if you are wondering where your girlfriend or sister, or in the rare case your mother is...chances she are at my new pad. =)

So much stuff going on in wrestling, and not much of it is really good. Now what the hell does the WWF think they are gonna do trying to promote under the name WWE??? For as far as my memory goes back all I know is the WWF, they made a name with that and not due to a stupid lawsuit they are gonna drop it. All they really had to do to keep it was one of several things. Why not start off by going public and stating why is the World Wildlife Fund wasting money on a lawsuit when they could be using it to better the cause they are supporting. Then the simple logo they have, all they need to do is add the rest of the wording besides the enlarges WWF. They could also just stop being lazy and call it the World Wrestling Federation instead of WWF all the time. But no they drop the name for WWE, time will tell the WWF is on it's last leg, and mark my word they will be just another indy promotion in 10 years.

Well a few articles ago I was bitching about being ripped off by website clients. Well I have come to terms with most of them. Malcolm Charles how ever still owes me. I have just been to busy to go collect. I think the classiest thing I could do is start showing up at all the night clubs he is DJing at and procedding to harass him to the point of tears. It has become obvious to me he has nothing better in to do in life then rip off his friends. Well Malcolm my time is freeing up and I will be coming to find you, and mark my words, when I come I am not your friend but a person you owe a great deal to...prepare to pay.

Scott Hall fired yet again. Is this shocking news, no...did I win my Scott Hall fired pool, no...does Scott Hall have a problem, YES. Scott you have the potential to main even any show on the planent, unfortunately you need to walk away from the business before it destroys you. Professional Wrestling is a black hole of lost souls, none of us can walk away un harmed. Either we are crippled by ring action or morally corrupted. I would of thought Jake Roberts would of been a wake up call for most of us, I guess not. So lets all drink a beer and take a hoot from the crack pipe.

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