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Aussie Pro-Wrestling #2
by Ace Brimshore on 2002-05-14

Well im back after many months of nothing too say and im back with my second in put about Aussie Pro-Wrestling.

For people who missed my first column, my name is Allan aka Ace Brimshore….. Aussie Pro-Wrestler. Im basically here just to let people know that Australia isn’t that much of a whole and we do have wrestling.

First, I will talk about some “WRESTLING” that has happened over the past few months.

WWA – I went to there show at Sydney Entertainment Centre, on the show there was Steiner, Sabu, Devon Storm, Brian Christopher, Buff Bagwell, Stevie Ray, Jeff Jarrett, Nathen Jones, Chucky (Local Aussie Guy), Allen Funk, AJ Styles, Nova, Jerry Lynn, T.E.O, Puppet and more….

The Sydney show was awesome, everything was great. Wrestling, Mic work, Production, Commentary everything…. Basically what im trying to say is this is the show that should have been PPV.

The one in Melbourne was a pure cock up as some of you might of seen. But it was really great to see one of my long time fave’s down under again ….SABU…..!!!!!

He was great in both matches I seen him in and really always pulls out the stops, also Chuck E Chaos aka Chucky… Also had a great showing in the Sydney show. He had a 20min Tag match with AJ Styles, Nova, Jerry Lynn involved also. But on the PPV he was in a squash match and a hell of a lot of the Aussie Fans where disappointed with the WWA, they recon he should of done the job in 2 mins. But Chucky is happy he had fun and got even more exposure.

Ok, now im done with the WWA now on too the AUSSIE WRESTLING SUPERSHOW!!!!!!

Oh BOY, it is causing so much havoc on the net….. hehehehehehe!

People are sucking up big time too the guy who is putting it on, now I think that if Andy “ the promoter” books anyone who was sucking up too him he will really need to not call this show the Aussie SuperShow but the Aussie SuckUp Show.

Basically I think that it should showcase the best Australia has to offer such talent as

- Mark Mercedes
- Dean Draven
- Red Flair
- Chucky
- Cobra
- Amy Action
- Billy Cole
- Jason Helton
- Lobo
- Steve Frost
- Jag
- Havoc

and ME!!!, nah just kidding… hehehehe!

But I hope this show goes off well, and if it does Aussie Wrestling Could get come positive exposure.

Well, I’ll be back with more here are some really good site to get tapes and info. get selection of tapes, just email him for a good selection of aussie stuff. great aussie womens wrestler “ she also trained me” heaps of info on Aussie Wrestling

Well see you guys later


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