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Who Shall Win at Judgment Day?
by The NWG on 2002-05-18

Well, seeing as how I had nothing else to do...and the evil dictator Titus was whining that he was the only one submitting news...I figured I'd go ahead and submit some predictions for WWE Judgment Day.
(Evil dictator,huh? Listen smartass, if you had either submitted this earlier or sent me a message that you had submitted something, it would have been posted,ya know, before the PPV?I'm pretty sure you didn't even write this until after the show.Genius indeed.BTW,I always win.-Dan)
A Dudley In Every Corner
Trish Stratus vs. Stacy Kiebler

Yeah, this is gonna suck. Trish has started to become the best women's wrestler in the WWE, but Stacy is still just around to Vince can oogle over her every week.

If Bubba Ray was still Hardcore Champion, this match could've been redeeming. As it is, I don't care. BUT...let's go with Trish to win.

You Want to WHAT!?!
The Hardyz vs. BROCK!!! and Paul Heyman

When Heyman said he had a better idea, I thought he meant Ladder Match or No DQ or something like that. But oh no, he decides that he's gonna toss himself into the match. As much as I appreciate him trying to bring back his epic battles with Jim Cornette back in the day, I'd rather see Brock killing those silly Hardyz for 10 minutes.

Although, watching Heyman try to bump could be fun. Let's go with ... umm ... The Hardyz to win over Paul to end this feud.

Tag Teams? Suuuuure
Billy/Chuck vs. Rikishi/???

Hooray for randoomly tossing matches together at the last moment. So whom will Vince toss as Rikishi's partner? It would make sense to have it be Scotty 2 Hotty, but I'd tend to believe he'll toss Albert, Rico, or Test as the partner. Albert because of the feud we've forgotten, Rico because of managing the other side, and Test because...well...Test doesn't do much else.

We'll go with Billy/Chuck in this one...again.

Well, This is Gonna Suck
Flair/Big Show vs. Austin

If it was Flair/Austin a few years ago, all would be well.

Now, it's gonna be bad. REALLY bad.

Let's go with Austin in a nWo finish.

I Dispute This Match
Hollywood Hogan vs. Undertaker

Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh. Slow and painful, this shall be. Because Vince hates me, Hogan to win.

Good Match #1
RVD vs. Eddie Guerrero

Hopefully RVD shows up not stoned, and Eddie shows up sober. That could be a bit of a stretch, but if they're both 100%, this match could make a run for second best match of the night. RVD to win.

Good Match #2 - Heck in a Box
Triple H vs. Chris Jericho

Hopefully this doesn't get bogged down with run-ins, like could happen. Considering I don't really think Triple H is in the shape to take a cage bump, and is more valuable right now...I'll say that Jericho takes the cage bump.

And Triple H wins...because Jericho is still falling back down the ladder. Poor Jericho.

Great Super Duper Spectacular Match
Edge vs. Kurt Angle

This is gonna be worth the value of the PPV. They had an amazing match last Pay Per View (my pick for Match of the Year so far), and since they've been doing this match all over the house show circuit, I think it's going to be even better.

I'll pick Edge to win, but I hope Kurt wins. A bald Edge would be hilarious.

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