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A picture of Tommy Dreamer drinking soup out of a septic tank.
by Dan Titus on 2002-05-21

RIP Davey Boy Smith.

I remember what someone(Sam Halsall, I think) said that if NBA players were dieing at the rate wrestlers have over the last few years, there would likely be a federal inquiry, but since these are "Just wrestlers" it would never happen. I really wish someone would get on the ball and start a business wide counselling program, it may prevent a few people from becoming statistics.


RAW was kind of a mixed bag last night. At least it was positive in the sense that Vince knows there are major probs and at least he is trying some new stuff. An Austin-Eddy feud has potential to be entertaining, it gives Austin someone new to play off of, and to be honest,Austin needs motivation badly at this point. As long as they make Eddy look like a threat to Austin, not just fodder for 6 million stunners, I really wanna see where they go with this.


Vince is brilliant. Elevating RVD, and it only took an entire year of being begged for it, but Vince, like Mother Teresa, just gives and gives. Every time you went to a wrestling site "Push RVD",When I talk to wrestling fans I know it's "Why don't they push RVD?". The Yakooky Indian tribe of northern Iowa was sending smoke signals, and when you looked to the moonlit northern sky, you would see the words "Vince...Push RVD" spelled out in a haze of gray smoke". That Vince, he's just like Santa Claus. All kidding aside, it's great. RVD has been (Potentially) given the ball, but ultimately, it's up to him to run with it.


I managed to borrow some vintage ECW stuff this weekend, and spent my morning cursing the fact that over in my neck of the woods, we didn't even get to see ECW until the TNN days. Give RVD and Jerry Lynn 20 minutes, and they create magic. It's a damn shame the WWF dumped Lynn so quick, a series between him and RVD on their PPV's could have been extraordinary.

Damn, those fans at the ECW Arena were lucky. Can you imagine what it was like to sit in that venue, show after show, and see the endless stream of stars and soon to be stars? The venue was a much a part of the lore as Raven,Tommy Dreamer or Sabu. With the possible exception of MSG, you'll never get that with the WWF, all those hockey stadiums all look alike.

That venue still gets a steady stream of independent promotions, but I can imagine the fans walk away feeling like they just got a hummer from an ex girlfriends sister-You may have a smile on your face and feel you got your 40 bucks worth, but nothing compares to what you enjoyed on a regular basis.

Dan-"Hey, you can either choose between a "What?" chant, or you can put up with Austin singing.Take your pick".

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