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In the words of Alice Cooper...
by Dan Titus on 2002-06-04

Hey Stoopid!
So I was reading about Steve Austin taking the current booking to task on a recent edition of the WWF's internet talk show thingamajigger. Okay, maybe he's justified in being unhappy,I don't really know, but it doesn't do the company any favors during a time when attendance and TV ratings have taken a nosedive. I would like to know what he is doing to help things get better. Perhaps if he put someone over once in a while to keep an angle hot, they could come up with better things for him. If he had put Scott Hall over at least once, it could have led to something profitable. But Austin insisted on doing his Superman routine at Wrestlemania, it came off as laughable and that was that.

When I am watching wrestling, I like to see the heel look like a credible threat, not to simply go down to ignominious defeat. It seems essential that Austin put either Chris Benoit or Eddy Guerrero over at some point, or we have it like Hulk Hogan in the eighties,where the face is presented as being so dominant, there is never actually any drama over the outcome, and people get bored.

So not a bad RAW,in between guys eating barf and peeing on each other.

I have never been a huge fan of Tommy Dreamer, but he could be money if he was used in his ECW underdog role. However, it is far easier to bury him in three minute squashes and recycled Animal House gags, then to actually display creativity.

This is the opportunity Vince should really be jumping at at this point, To take someone who has been written off and turn him into a viable draw, looking like a genius in the process. Whatever happened to taking risks? It doesn't look like creating the next generation of stars is a priority right now. When does it become one?

I would like to thank everyone who is participating in our death pool.

I did not find out until after I had started ours that another site had beaten me to the punch and started one of their own, offering prizes as well. Thats ok. Click here if you want to score double.

Maybe the next contest will be a prize for sending in the best naked picture of your chick or something.

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