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Moondog Manson
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I wanna be sedated...
by Dan Titus on 2002-06-11

Oh,man! I asked Manson for his opinion on last nights RAW:

Who needs Roger Ebert and the other dude(the one who replaced the dead bald guy) giving some tame thumbs up. Manson's gesture is something all wrestling fans instantly recognize.

And I get the feeling he isn't the only one giving the fickle finger of fate to that show.

I know some of criticized me for in their words "trying to come off like Dave Meltzer" but thats really not the case. I just happen to know what I find entertaing and what I don't find entertaining.

That six man tag (NWO VS Dreamer, Stasiak and Spike Dudley) was one of the clunkiest, awful matches I have ever seen. The crowd was so quiet , you would have thought the show was being held in a public library.

I guess the fat jokes at Molly's expense were some kind of shoot, as reliable sources stated a few months back,that the WWF wanted her to trim down as recently as the Spike Dudley angle. I have said it before: Molly's appeal to me is that she doesn't look like the other "Divas". The jokes came across like drunken fratboy shit, bordering on cruel.It's cool she has a spotlight match at the PPV,though.

Whenever I hear Regal's music, I think about Gargamel, the heel from The Smurfs.

Hey, did you hear whats going on at KOTR this year? The KOTR tournament! Shocking eh? I was thinking that since the tournament last year was pretty much an afterthought, they would simply hold this years on the episode of Heat before the show. Vince, you sly dog! Making the KOTR a priority at the KOTR PPV! Now ya know why he's rich.

If Shawn Micheals is serious about not wrestling, please don't waste precious airtime.

Angles about company ownership are really boring now.

Um, why was Alf being interviewed on CNBC this morning? Christ, why not put him and Gonzo from the Muppets in the next Celebrity boxing? Unlike Joey Buttafuoco and Chyna, Alf and Gonzo appear to be somewhat lifelike.

Somewhat lifelike, thats a good one,eh Manson?:

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