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The Monthly PPV DeConstruction Preview - King of the Ring
by Marcus Madison on 2002-06-22

Here ye! Here ye! All hail and rise to the two unsung heroís of wrestling journalism have arrived. The world has never seen a pair like us. I am the frost bitten patriot of the north to Adamís country bumpkin and barn dancing ways. So without further ado all we to get play that funky music as we De-Construct the King of The Ring.

Women's Championship: Trish Stratus vs. Molly Holly Ė MARCUS MADISON

Alright this time around the WWE will pit the two top females in the WWE in a battle to the finish. The discourse that took place between these two was not something I am not a supporter of. Maybe it is the sociologist in me that looks at human nature and how teenage girls who are also fans have a hard enough time coping with their own self image and believe by working an angle based solely on Molly's backside is completely absurd. I do however look forward to these two ladies giving it their all, in their own respective ways. Trish has come a long way since she first arrived in the WWE but, Molly is clearly going to steal the show. I look for Molly to give a wonderful showing. I am confident that Molly in all her pristine and virgin-esq. nature will work the pardon the pun here but "backside" off. Despite all her efforts, I don't feel that Molly will come out on top.

The High Point - This match will be a very good showing. Both women are expected to work hard and take the bumps that make this a solid match on both their ends. Look for solid high spots from Molly and a strong technical showing from Trish.

The Low Point - This match will have its share of missed cues in the process on their way. The current push of Trish the dish continues and I can not argue that. However, Molly will shine and unfortunately it will be in a losing cause.


King of the Ring Tournament Semi-Finals Match: Brock Lesnar vs. Test Ė ADAM KARABEL

Is Smack down so completely lacking of faces that they had to book two heels into the semi-finals match? Thereís nothing really wrong with two heels fighting one another, except for the fact that the crowd is supposed to hate both of them, therefore they usually sit on there hands and not react at all. Turning Brock face and having him pound on Paul Heyman here wouldnít be a bad idea, then they could have a face Brock against a heel Jericho in the finals. But considering the WWEís booking lately, I donít see any of that happening. Brock should win in pretty convincing fashion here. Test has always seemed like a guy who has sufficient skills in the ring and a good work ethic, but he really lacks in SOMETHING, which makes it seems like he will never take it to the next level. Brock Lesnar is very green at this point and Test probably isnít the guy to carry him, but the match will most likely be a Brock squash, so Iím not terribly worried. Brock advances to the finals.

The High Point: These two could get a lot of time to prove they can put on a good match.

The Low Point: I donít see it going any longer than 5 minutes.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. Kurt Angle Ė MARCUS MADISON

This match up on the surface appears to be a battle of what the WWE was with what the WWE now is. Hogan, who is not main-eventing this PPV will not disappoint. Alright the cynic in believes that Hogan will give as much as he ever has given, no more no less. Will this be his swan song in the WWE? Critics believe that it is. If it is, I see him coming out on top. If this is not his last match up for McMahon's company than look for him to still come out on top. When you think about putting over the other guy in my estimation that goes completely out the window. Hogan will not surprise anyone with his attack. The preverbal kick and punch hero draped in red and yellow will not sell if his life depended on it. I have a hard time believing that Hogan will lay down 2 pay per views in a row. So with this being said Hulk-amania will be running loose (kind of like a bowel movement.

Angle, will make this match no doubt about it. In every contest there remains someone that will do what he or she can to make the other look good and Angle will be no different. Kurt will no doubt go down but look good doing it. I don't look for anything out of the ordinary to come of this match. Angle will sell every one of Hogan's punches and kicks, this doesn't surprise me.

The High Point - This match up may even encourage Hogan to actually work harder. There does remain the possibility that Hogan could actually take a few bumps and even give Angle a run for his money.

The Low Point - Unfortunately the high point is unlikely and fans will have no choice but to look into the eyes of Hulk-astagla and either have tears of joy in their eyes, or have something else in their eyes. All I hope are we can wash whatever it is out of their eyes.


WWE Cruiserweight title Ė The Hurricane vs. Jamie Knobble - MARCUS MADISON

Bravo! I finally have reason to look forward to a match up. My greater more cynical side greatly anticipates a wonderful one on one match up between to rising cruiserweights. First off I love the "trailer park" persona of Jamie Knobble. It makes me laugh everything I see both he and Nidia attempt to speak with a southern drawl. Anyhow, this match up has had a classic super-hero comic book type feel to it. This is fitting given that Helms has the whole "superhero" type character going for him. The villain does wrong, and the hero seeks retribution. So not only does the storyline seem somewhat amusing it also appeals to fans both young and old. The young have a hero to look up to and the old have a hero that they can look down to. We have not even addressed how this match will showcase the aerial theatrics of both athletes. There is finally a match up on a card where fans actually look forward to the actual "in ring" competition.

The High Point - This entire angle is making me shriek like a school girl with delight. In fact, both Helms and Knobble will pull out all the stops in this one. They will go to toe with each others in and out of the ring.

The Low Point - My only disappointment is really how quickly and rushed this match up has been put together. I would have liked to see this feud have built a little longer.


King of the Ring Finals Prediction: Rob Van Dam vs. Brock Lesnar Ė ADAM KARABEL

WellÖÖ Rob Van Dam would be a great guy to win the tournament. The main reason being that the stipulation is the winner of the tourney will go on to get a WWE title shot at summer slam. Rob Van Dam has always been on the verge of the main event, and the WWE unquestionably needs a fresh face up there. A King of the Ring win could do a lot for the career of Rob Van Dam right now. HOWEVER, the WWE seems intent on pushing Brock Lesnar right now. I enjoy Brock. He has a great look and he seems to try very hard to improve, but the guy doesnít seem to have much charisma at all. I know he has Paul Heyman to talk for him, but that might not be too dependable in the long run. Brock is very green and has yet to wrestle a match thatís gone for 10 minutes yet. Brock Lesnar most likely has what it takes to be a huge superstar in the WWE, but right now is not the time. RVD might not be the best choice to push to the main event, but the WWE is quickly running out of options. This match, if it happens, should be decent. RVD will bump like a champ for Lesnerís power offense. In the end, I donít think the WWE has any intentions of ending Lesnerís undefeated streak and winning the King of the ring tournament final by disqualification would be ignorant. Long live King Brock.

The High Point: RVD will bump his way through a pretty entertaining match.

The Low Point: Lesnar is wining the tournament, which just isnít the best move in my opinion.

Eddy Guerrero vs. ďThe Nature BoyĒ Ric Flair ĖADAM KARABEL

I really, really, really wanted to see Eddy wrestle Steve Austin. Eddy Guerrero is one of the most purely talented wrestlers on the planet, heís been working his ass off since he came back to the WWF and his slimy heel shtick has kept him very over with the fans. The feud with Steve Austin could have easily produced some classic match and elevated Eddy to the next level. Well, we know the Steve Austin story, so Ric Flair has now stepped up to the plate. I really love Ric Flair, and Iím kind of glad to see him giving it one last goes in the ring. His match with Austin from Raw a couple weeks ago was very good and Flair is in pretty good shape for a guy over the age of 50. Hopefully, weíll get to see a long, meaningful match between Flair and Benoit before too long, which is something that should have happened a long time ago. The match here was thrown together in a week but it still should be pretty entertaining. Flair is still very capable of having great matches and Eddy Guerrero is an easy guy to have a great match with. Iím looking forward to this, but Ric Flair honestly isnít the guy to be carrying the baby face end of a wrestling feud right now. Iím glad this match is happening, but Iíd hate to see Ric Flair push himself farther than he should considering his age. Eddy takes the victory here with some EVIL CHEATING~! ~!~!~! and the feud progresses.

The High Point - Should be extremely entertaining with lots of psychology.

The Low Point - How much gas is left in the tank that is Ric Flair?

King of the Ring Semi-Finals Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho Ė ADAM KARABEL

Canít say Iím disappointed that I have to watch this match. These two had a good series with one another late last year that culminated in a really good hardcore match between them at Unforgiving. Thereís a little more at stake in this one, with the winner advancing in the King of the Ring tournament. I donít think Jericho would be a bad choice to win the tournament at all; he could really use the added boost considering that Triple H has been desperately trying to bury him since Wrestle mania. Jericho was more over than Triple H at Wrestle mania and he still is. But anyway, this match should kick all kinds of ass. Jericho can keep RVD in check pretty well. I would be a very happy man to see Jericho advance here, but considering that there are two heels in the opposite brackets I just donít see it happening. RVD will most likely win pretty cleanly and Jericho will once again be stuck in midcard limbo, which is very sad.

The High Point - This is more than likely the best match of the night kids.

The Low Point: - The winner of this match should be winning the whole tournament and that ainít happening.

Triple H Vs the Undertaker (WWE Championship) Ė ADAM KARABEL

Does ANYBODY care about this match at all? Triple H is boring as a baby-face and the Undertaker isnít good enough in the ring or over enough as a heel to be holding the WWE championship right now. The feud has been boring. The confrontations have been boring. Triple H beating up cameras and announce tables with his Freudian sledgehammer were boring. The crossover tag matches with Hulk Hogan and Kurt Angle have been boring. Iím not even sure how to suggest they book this match. Iím all for a Triple H heel turn, but just about the only way to turn Triple H heel at this point would be align him with Vince McMahon or the N.WO, and the N.WO are getting bigger face pops by the day. The match shouldnít be any good. If they make it a No-DQ match it could be a semi-decent brawl but I wouldnít hold my breath. Neither guy is in good enough shape to work that well with one another. I donít see Triple H losing here, because he bangs the bossís daughter. Triple H is set for another big baby-face run with the title and the belt will change hands for the 4th PPV in a row. Just book the match where Vince costs Undertaker the match and the title. They need a strong heel to stabilize the belt and UT isnít the man. HHH might not be either at this point, but he canít carry the promotion as a baby face either.

The High Point: - The Undertaker will most likely lose the world title.

The Low Point: Itís going to be a snooze fest folks.

Undisputed WWE Championship Triple H vs. Undertaker - MARCUS MADISON

The Undertaker and Triple H, this contest has been a year in the making. The last time these two faced each other was in Wrestle mania 17. At that time the winner was the Undertaker. During this time internet rumors as they may still be swirling that he doesn't "job" or doesnít "sell" that in his mind he does what is best for him. These arguments began roughly around the time he and Triple H faced off against one another. I have to say until recently I agreed with that statement. However times have changed, as have my sentiments. The Undertaker over the last year has worked several programs up and down the roster. He is now working the main event with Triple H. The now titled Big Red Evil has now come full circle in this match up with Triple H. I feel confident we will see Triple H wearing his ever popular water bottle, draped with blood. This is the blood that has fallen from his ever so popular crimson mask.

The High Point - This match up has gradually built up and will finally culminate in a feud that will make our blood race and hearts pound. Alright so I am being a touch dramatic with that last comment.

The Low Point - They will only go as far at their bodies will take them. I anticipate Triple H taking the brunt of the punishment and having to do the J.O.B to Big Evil himself.


For Adam Karabel I am Marcus Madison saying that funny smell is coming from Adamís hands. Donít ask. For the love of god please donít ask. We will see you for The Monthly PPV DeConstrution Preview: Judgment Day edition

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