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Welcome to the jungle...
by Dan Titus on 2002-06-25

Just a few things right off the bat:

Right now we are preparing for the next step in the evolution of this site. Time to do something not involving wrestling, because, um, wrestling sucks right now.

We are looking for people to handle movie and music reviews on this site. So if you can write a column(about once every ten day at least I hope) and can work a keyboard without drooling on yourself, send me an email. Hopefully we can get one of those colimnists with attitude that tells it like it is and pisses people off, this site needs an infusion of that.

Second, I must apologize. Last week I made a remark about ECCW mega-star Sweet Daddy Devastation that was crude and uncalled for and I would like to take this chance to offer a sincere apology. By the way,Sweet Daddy, next time I meet you, can you autograph this,it would be much appreciated:

Um, am I the only one not taking Chris Jericho's little tirade seriously? Chris,look around at the available evidence: Ratings and event attendance are sinking faster than a burlap sack full of puppies. Obviously, fans must not be satisfied with the current state of affairs. It really doesn't have anything to do with dogging someone's effort. It's a case of not giving people what they wanna see.

Was your KOTR match with RVD excellent? For sure, but given the way the show turned out, it was the best of a sorry lot.

You sure didn't seem to mind the internet fans when they were begging and begging for you to get a title push.

Lets not alienate those who are actually still watching the WWF, considering the rate those numbers are dwindling.

The WWF did do something right at KOTR. Yes, that be right, Molly Holly became WWGOTU(Women's Wrestling Goddess Of The Universe). So see, there are positive things.

So Brock Lesnar ascends to the Summerslam main event. Now the booking team is faced with a daunting challenge.

Making people care.

I mean, they need to have this big ape(sorry, poor choice of words) do something compelling to make people order the show. Right now, I have really nothing but apathy as far as he's concerned.

Al-Queda says to expect another address from Osama bin Laden soon. I hope he's taken time to brush up on his promo's. Maybe he's mad because of Eminem impersonating him in that video(Which was well done and hilarious, I am not a fan, but the video was funny) and he just needed something to awaken the terrorist within.

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