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Around the business with All my indy friends
by Marty Goldstein on 2002-07-17

Let's catch up on what is happening with the real boys of summer, those who make peanuts and love what they do, not those sad-sack spoiled MLB brats.

SPYDER The Japanese boards are abuzz with rumours that the one man crime spree is headed to Zero-one.
In the past few months he has crisscrossed the US facing Doug Gilbert in NWA Mid-South, Disturbing Behavior (Renesto and Daniels)in Nashville and HotStuff Hernandez in NWA Texas. He also worked for Steve Estes APWA in Missouri. More recently Spyder defended his NWA Canadian Title in Winnipeg against Washington's Brian Bedlam. "Best of all, I got to say I met the legend Gypsy Joe down south".

CHI CHI CRUZ- the current Real Action Wrestling champion has been having wild matches all over The Maritimes, often with Evil Eddie Watts as his partner against the Williams brothers. For Cheech, a veteran of tours out east going back to 1987, it is a summer of chains and chairs and ladders and straps.

"I have come out here for how long now- and for a young guy, this is a good place to learn, I did, Watts did, Joe Legend did." He had a look with the WWF at their dojo a couple of years back, but deserves a chance to go in when there is someone he can actually work with. His poise, experience and ability make him a top hand anywhere he goes. A deep love of Bugs Bunny and Ren and Stimpy cartoons makes him the perfect roomie on the road as well.

BLACK DRAGON The legend of Bret Como continues to grow. After pinning Adam Firestorm in February to win the ECCW NWA Title, the masked flyer finally got some recognition, and his recent loss of the belt to young Scotty Mac was no impediment. Black Dragon faced off against the "King of the Indies" American Dragon in Surrey last month and scored the pin, establishing himself once again as a master of the ring. Como spends his evenings boating on the lake, considering offers from Europe and Japan.

STEVE RIZZONO"I'm in a locker room 2 weeks ago and this guy whose with Tony Kozina comes up to me and says, are you Steve Rizzono, to which I cautiously say, ye-ees, and he says
"Oh,I want to tell you, you are a real legend to the boys in BC. And he was serious. What exactly did I do 3 years ago there?".(Read on for who it was.)

Nowadays Rizzono headlines indy cards around Central California and Las Vegas, as well as being featured on XPW TV and their monthly gorefests. Often his opponent is Pogo the Clown, who is never refered to as a "night off."

And Dr. Luther wasn't kidding. He had certainly heard all about the antics and shenanagins, but he also heard how Rizzono worked everyone from Georgeous Michelle Starr to Greg Valentine that summer and fall, and briefly took the NWA Canadian tag titles as well. Rizzono is staying put but Dr. Luther himself is returning to ECCW shortly, where I am sure he will have a few new Gigolo stories to impart.

In other highspots... there has been an outbreak of babies being born lately. Disco Fury and the brains of the family Mrs. Fury had a baby on May 18, eerily predicted by his licence plate. The new bayface main eventer at All Star Wrestling, Rockford was similarly blessed recently. And just last week, the soon to return to PNW action, Weed, survived 36 hours of labour and welcomed a child.

Rumour has it that one more is on the way here in PNW...

Another very happy occasion was the birthday of Terry Joe Silverspoon of ECCW. He has recovered nicely from a cardiac episode last year and his backyard bash had a cross-section of his friends and fellow freaks from the wrestling and non-wrestling worlds.

A particular highlight was the backyard girls bout refereed so expertly by Beautiful Bruce. I had never seen a midget on a trampoline before.

A certain ECCW rookie has promised to make amends for a bad gaffe in wrestling protocol. He neglected to invite ANY vets to his birthday party. Some other youngsters boycotted knowing there would be fallout. So after sweating out prolonged razzing, a "party in honour of the vets" is being promised. Stay tuned

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